Friday, February 16, 2007

Dedication to Dottie Walters: The Mentor of Public Speakers

Dedication To Dottie Walters

On February 14,2007, Dottie Walters, THE MENTOR of great paid professional speakers…died.

I first remember listening to a Dottie Walters tape on selling many years ago. This was a time when Dottie created a large advertising agency from the humble beginnings of a good pair of shoes and a baby stroller.

Back in 1998, I went to the Walter’s Ranch for a professional speaking workshop. It was wonderful because I got some quality time with Dottie and here wonderful husband, Cowboy Bob.

Just a few years ago, Bob passed away.

One of the great lessons I learned from Dottie is to ask questions of your prospects and clients. One of her favorite lessons is to say, “Tell me more, “when asking about a client’s major concerns.

Through Dottie’s tireless efforts in presenting at major venues across the United States and her dedication to the Learning Annexes, hundreds if not thousands of professional speakers and consultants have benefited by her time on earth.

I am so glad to have published a handful of articles for her wonderful, Sharing Ideas Magazine, over the years. Her magazine titled Sharing Ideas, should have been here nickname. She shared her ideas and ideas of other successful speakers with anyone who would listen.

My life is better because of Dottie Walters.

Now, with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison sitting at my imaginary Master Mind table, I now include Dottie Walters. I always appreciate your advice.

Get ready for a new gig… Dottie!

Thank you my dear friend.


Wayne F. Perkins

P. S. Along with the Cavaet Award for Public Speaking I believe the National Speakers Association should have a Dottie Walters Marketing Award for ‘excellence in marketing speaking practices.”


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