Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Learn and Earn a New Career While in College

Learn and Earn a New Career While in College

Back in 1972 I was in my senior year in college. I was studying to become a teacher. My friends that were in the College of Education had a rude awakening.

Teaching jobs in the State of Illinois were just about non-existent. I was one of the lucky ones as I secured a teaching job with Elgin High School, in Elgin, Illinois, just three days before the start of school.

Most of my friends did not come close to getting a teaching job.

They had to take jobs as insurance agents, retail sales management trainees, and other jobs they did not prepare for in college.

There were a few people back in their college days that decided they had another mission outside their college majors.

Bill Gates began Microsoft while still in college and Michael Dell founded Dell Computer during his freshman year. My friend Chuck Miller became a Real Estate agent during his senior year of college and gave up his desire to become a teacher, after learning he was earning more income as a part time agent then he would earn as a fulltime teacher.

Are you in college now? Do you have a son or daughter who is in college? Have you explored the job opportunities in your major field of study? Has your son or daughter conducted a detailed study of where the job opportunities will be once they have graduated?

One field of study that is not being outsourced in the United States of America, is the field of hypnosis.

Even though there are many more hypnotists in Europe then there is in the United States, the field of hypnosis will always be there because of the enormous burden of stress that each American faces. Hypnosis can eliminate not only the symptoms of stress but more importantly the causes of stress.

If you are in college and thinking of how you will spend your summer, why not study and become a professional hypnotist. You can learn the art of hypnosis in just a few days of concentrated study and learn how to earn money by helping other students, friends, family members, and formal clients reduce stress and achieve their goals. You can schedule your hours around your busy academic schedule.


Get a head start on earning by learning a new skill. Hypnosis can be learned in just a few days of concentrated study.

Wayne F. Perkins

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“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”
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