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Get in Alignment with Your Goals

The Fundamental Law of Attraction Part 2

Get in Alignment with Your Goals

Many of my clients ask me the following question, “How come when I pray for something I really want, I never get it?”

There are three possibilities for not getting what you want.

1. God does not love you. This means you had better move to a warmer climate so you can get used to a very hot eternity.

2. You are trying to dictate the exact path in achieving your goal.

3. You are not in alignment for what you are asking.

God does not love you and does not want you to have what it is you are asking.

I personally do not believe this one. It would be much easier and convenient for God to torture you on the other side than it would be to give you life with freedom of choice. So I do not buy into God must want me to have this or that, or God wants me to suffer. If you are a citizen of the United States, then the “God does not love me” argument holds no water. You have access to everything you want and need in the United States. It is only you that can hold you back from success.

You are trying to dictate the exact path in achieving your goal.

One of the immutable laws of the universe is that we try not to dictate that exact path in reaching our goal. The exact way to reach your goal will be shown to you but only after you are ready to “receive” your goal. Your path rarely starts at letter “a” and ends with letter “z.” There are usually many twists and turns leading you in the direction of success.

If you are trying to become a bestselling author, you could spend all of your money on the traditional ways of book promotions. You could spend time and money by attending foreign book rights shows, purchase advertising in book publishing magazines and call every bookstore in your country and conduct a book signing. However your chances of becoming a bestselling author by these means is next to impossible. You will run out of time, money, and energy as you find results from these measures horrific in the book publishing industry.

However, if you decide that you will become a best selling author and allow the universe to lay out a plan for you, the plan may involve writing hundreds of free articles for newspapers, magazines, and e-zines and conducting talk radio interviews by phone to every talk radio station in the world. These methods may cost little or no money but over a year’s time investment, will take you to the best sellers’ list.

Let the universe decide how you will achieve your goal and the specific steps necessary to reach it. You just need to decide what you want and get in alignment with receiving it.

You are not in alignment for what you are asking.

This is one of the major reasons people do not receive what they are asking. If you are jealous of people who have a great deal of money for example, you will prevent yourself from receiving the money because you are not in alignment for receiving the money.

If personal feelings around people having money are negative, then you are telling yourself and the universe that there is something bad about having a great deal of money. You will begin to cut off your supply. You will find dead end jobs or jobs that pay poorly. If you do receive money by cashing in a winning lottery ticket for example, you will find yourself bankrupt within five years like most of the lottery jackpot winners in the United States.

Your attitude dictates your supply of money.

The quickest and easiest way to attract money is to properly align with the supply of money.

How do you align yourself with the supply of money?

Here are three quick ways you can align with money.

1. Create a list of the things you do have. Begin by making a list of all of the things you have. Include not only tangible items like knives, forks, spoons, house, cars, etc, but also intangible ones, like high school diploma, college degree, training in fork lift operation, etc.

2. When you create your list, read over each item and feel sincere gratitude for acquiring each of these items. By feeling sincere gratitude we are quietly and effectively asking for more of the same.

3. Write down a list of the richest people you can imagine. Quietly hold each person in your thoughts and sincerely wish for him or her, more success, fame and money. Again by doing this you open the doors of the universe to supply you with the same.

There are many more ways to attract money or other goals to you the quickest and easiest way. I will continue to add to the list of ways in additional articles focusing on the greatest law in the universe and the basis of all hypnosis treatment…the fundamental law of attraction.


When you are finding you are not attracting enough money, make sure you become in alignment with receiving more money. Three quick ways of attracting more money is to create a list of what you do have, feel sincere gratitude for what you do have, and by holding successful people in your quiet thoughts, asking the universe to supply even more good to these people. When you want more for others, you will automatically want and receive more for yourself.

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