Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Master the Law in Order to Hypnotize People

What is another requirement you need to master in order to hypnotize people?

Another thing you need to master in order to hypnotize other people is the law of attraction.

This is a universal law that states, whatever you hold in your mind, you body moves toward. In other words your thoughts become things.

Thoughts are energy. Your thoughts about hypnotizing other people eventually become things…the act of hypnotizing and the results of hypnotizing other people.

But what many beginning hypnotists do not realize is that fact that your subjects and volunteers have thoughts. These thoughts may inhibit your subjects and volunteers from being hypnotized.

What you need to do is create an environment where your thoughts and your subject’s thoughts become unified so that your thoughts and your subject’s thoughts manifest in the action you suggested.

For example before you sit down to hypnotize someone you may ask him/her. Close you eyes for a moment and imagine that you are the weight that you want to weight.
Think about how your feel right now. Remember how you feel when you open your eyes.

Then ask the person to open his/her eyes and find out what they were experiencing. If your subjects say, they feel healthy, alive, or wonderful; you should expect positive results from your hypnosis treatment sessions. If they feel scared, bad, or if they feel nothing at all then you need to probe to find out what is holding them back from success.

Based on the universal law of attraction, your subjects who are in harmony their vision of how they will feel when they reach their goal weight will have success in achieving their goals. If they are not in harmony with their vision then the law of attraction will move them the other way, in putting on more weight than ever.


Master the law of attraction for you and your subjects, and you will be very successful as a hypnotist.

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

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