Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hypnosis and Stock Market Stress

Hypnosis and Stock Market Stress

People become hypnotized by bad news and many times do not think rationally when it comes to handling money.

Yesterday, the United States Stock Market fell by over 400 points. This is the largest decline since September of 2000, when America was enveloped in the aftermath of 911.

Part of the problem exists when people begin to hear bad news in the stock market they call their broker to sell, even though they may lose money.

Stock holders forget that the rule governing buying and selling stock is, buy low and sell high.

When the market is low, this is the best time to buy.

People should have been jamming the phone lines and buying up their favorite stocks at rock bottom prices and then holding to sell once the market corrected itself.

Reduce your stress and enjoy your life by playing by the rules of buying and selling stock and do not be caught up in the hype of gloom and doom via the media.

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