Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hypnosis Tip #2 Find a Quiet Place

Welcome to Hypnosis Tip #2;

Find a Quiet Place to Begin

The first obstacle when learning a subject is how to begin.

When learning the art and science of hypnosis you need to
begin by finding a quiet place to learn.

You first must find a quiet place in order to later harvest
the quiet affects of hypnosis. When you hypnotize another
person, (we will call him a "subject") you take him or her
into a quiet place in the subject's mind.

This special place is usually reached only when your
subject is asleep at night. It is a magical place where
dreams come true.

You can best serve your subject by first learning in a
quiet place at home, in your garden, by an ocean or lake,
or another place that you feel confortable.

You want to learn in a place where you can quietly relax
and dream about your goals as a hypnotist.

Begin to learn by yourself. When you first hypnotize or
practice hypnotizing your first subjects, make sure you
take them to your special place where you can feel calm,
confident and relaxed.

Hypnosis is Super Concentration.

When deeply hypnotized, your subject will be concentrating
so well that his eyes will close down, and all visual
distractions will be gone and he or she will only be listen-
ing to the suggestions you are giving him.

When you are learning hypnosis, you want to put yourself in
the same mental condition as well

Find a quiet place. Take 3 deep breathes.

Exhale completely and focus on your goals of becoming a
professional hypnotist, or just being able to hypnotize your
first hypnosis subject.

You will find a powerful self-confidence as you learn the
true magic of the mind, "hypnosis."

Thank you and good luck,

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

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Wayne F. Perkins

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