Sunday, June 26, 2005

Overcome Test Anxiety and Improve Your Test Scores

Did you ever study for a test or exam and really understand the material, only to bomb out on the test?

Once you left the classroom, did the information that you missed come back to you almost immediately?

Do you always fear that you are going to flunk? You may be suffering from "test anxiety."

I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1972 and secured a teaching job at Elgin High School in Elgin, Illinois. I was totally unprepared to handle a very common problem among students. This problem is called "test anxiety."
Many times students would come to me and explain that they studied very hard for a test. As they took that test, their minds went completely blank. Much of the information that they knew very well would vanish once I asked them to put it down on a test paper.

The students with this problem employed a fundamental law of hypnosis.
That law states that," whenever the imagination and will are in conflict, the imagination ALWAYS wins out." The will of the student is to pass the test.
The student studies and studies and knows the information backward and forward. Then the big moment comes. Fear takes over the imagination.

What would happen if I flunk this test? All the horrible thoughts that can arise from such a fate start to inhabit the imagination. Finally, the imagination wins out by creating temporary "amnesia" for the information needed to pass the test. If the student doesn't fail the test, he/she certainly will achieve a test score much lower than they deserve.

How do you think we attack a problem such as this? We fight fire with fire.
As long as you know and believe in your heart that when the imagination and will are in conflict, the imagination ALWAYS wins out, lets use the imagination to win out! Tell yourself that you will remember everything you need to pass the test. Tell yourself that you are learning easier and easier, that you relax while you learn.

I am now going to give you a specific hypnotic "prescription" or "script" to use.
You will read this script over several times before you study, while you are studying and before and during the time you are taking any tests. You will bombard your imagination with positive words relating to the success you will bring for yourself by doing well on the examination. After you have copied this script, practice the Self-hypnosis Instruction located at the Hypnotism Education Website

The self-hypnosis instruction will help you help reach a deeper state of relaxation and will enable these positive script prescriptions to really become effective for you.

I Enjoy Taking Tests!

I enjoy taking tests!
Tests make my instructors feel so good.
It gives them purpose in their lives!
It helps me, too.

Tests allow me to measure my performance...
They allow me to focus on what was important in my class.
Someday I may need this information in my job or my life. This information may help save the life of someone I care about.

Tests allow me time to relax my muscles as I concentrate on using my mind. I look forward to taking examinations. I look forward in expanding my mind and all of its resources. I can picture in my mind an image of a small video camera sitting somewhere in the middle of my brain...

This video camera is recording everything I am reading, everything I am seeing, everything I am touching, everything I am tasting, and everything I am hearing...

All of these images are being recorded in my brain...
All of this information will be easily accessed whenever I want it ...
All of the information I am studying is being recorded for easy access whenever and wherever I need it. I can retrieve this information easily and confidently.

When I study, each and every word I read or hear takes on its own importance...
It's so easy to learn and absorb information as I relax. Before I take each test I will go over this information.

I will read over this script or prescription many, many times. As I read this prescription, I will become very relaxed.

Relaxed and alert at all times.

When its time to take the test I will take take three slow deep breaths when I enter the test taking area.

As I exhale, I will concentrate on pushing all of the tension out of my lungs.
As I receive the test paper in my hand, I will again take three long, deep breaths, concentrating on relaxing all the muscles of my body.

As I relax deeply, my mind becomes fully alert, fully aware, and running at full capacity. When I reach a question that seems difficult, I will pass over it, relax as I answer the easy questions, then go back to it later. I am much smarter than I ever thought possible.


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Wayne F. Perkins

I wish you good luck in achieving your goal.


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