Friday, February 03, 2006

Hypnosis Treatment Help: Overcoming Fear

Hypnosis Treatment Help: Overcoming Fear

I have had many clients over the past 30 years come to me to overcome a specific fear. Fears such as the fear of heights, the fear of death, fear of public speaking, fear of losing money, etc are fears that are elevated through hypnosis treatment.

I am not going to talk about these fears today. Instead, I am going to focus on fear that keeps people from achieving success using a hypnosis treatment program.

Fear is an acronym for “False Expectations Appearing Real.”

People come to hypnotists with all types of needs and goals. Clients rarely come to you as a hypnotist and give any thought to the fears they have regarding successfully completing a program and changing or eliminating a negative behavior, forever.

Unless, you as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist can zero on the fears holding your client from success, you have but a slim change in helping your client achieve his/her goals.

Clients come to you with certain mind-sets. Usually the reason they come to you and not solve the problem themselves is because of fear.

They may feel the fear of embarrassment. They may have the fear of rejection. In addition they may carry with them, the fear of failure and the fear of success.

In my next hypnosis training Blog posts, I will focus in on the four fears holding your hypnosis client back from success.

Wayne F. Perkins

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