Sunday, March 25, 2007

As A Woman Can I Be A Professional Hypnotist?

"As a woman, can I be a professional hypnotist?" from Ilene from Scranton, PA,

Yes, women can become hypnotists. In fact about 90% of current hypnotherapy classes include women. There are many more female hypnotists then men. Women make great hypnotherapists because they tend to be patient and they tend to be great listeners. Hypnotherapy involves a talent for nurturing that most women seem to use naturally. A hypnotherapist needs to be a great listener because she is listening for cues in her client’s language and behavior, in order to structure the correct hypnotic treatment prescription.

There aren’t very many female stage hypnotists at this point in history. There are just a few female stage hypnotists today; however all seem to be doing well. The earliest female stage hypnotist I am aware of performed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her father was a professional hypnotist as well. Wendy Friesen is an excellent stage hypnotist as well as a superb clinical hypnotherapist. You can find her audio and video instruction located here.

I have trained several hypnotists but only a few specialized in stage hypnotism. We need more female stage hypnotists. Click here if you are looking for live one-on-one training and professional coaching to become a professional stage hypnotist.


Women make great hypnotherapists. There are a few female stage hypnotists. There is room for many more in this profession.

Wayne F. Perkins

Master Hypnotist Trainer

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“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

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