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Hypnosis FAQs by Wayne F. Perkins

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When I became a hypnotist back in 1975, I learned there were many misconceptions about hypnosis. Here are some of the questions I faced back in 1975. It is strange but the same questions regarding hypnosis in 1975 are the same questions hypnotists face in 2005.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hypnotism)
Frequently Asked Questions of Wayne F. Perkins
Educational Hypnotist

Does hypnotism only take place when a hypnotist gives suggestions to a subject or hypnotee?


All hypnotism is self-hypnotism and can be executed alone by the subject or hypnotee.


Can subjects who have been tested for susceptibility to hypnosis and passed the testing, benefit from the hypnotic condition?


Everyone can benefit from the hypnotic condition. No tests are ever needed.


Is stress better treated by drugs prescribed by a doctor?


Stress is better-controlled long term by teaching the subject how to use relaxation exercises before,during and after stressful situations. However, prescribed drugs can be use in conjunction with the exercises.


Can a person be hypnotized to permanently lose weight?


Working with the root cause connected to the symptom of overeating will assist the subject in long-term weight control. Learning how to eat the right foods, coupled with exercise and proper relaxation, are also important factors for success in any weight loss program.


Must a person or subject lose control to the hypnotist to achieve success?


A person or subject learns from the hypnotist how to access the subconscious and
apply psychological techniques to achieve success. Hypnosis is a cooperative learning process.


Is suffering from pain required in life?


Pain is always an alarm or signal that something is wrong. You can turn off the alarm using hypnosis or other boday awareness techniques.


Can a person be hypnotized against his or her will?


We currently have dangerous hypnotic "scripts" running in our brain every day that change our will. Using a hypnotist, you always know he/she is a hypnotist, so you make a conscious choice to become affected by suggestion. This is not the case when watching TV or a violent crime and then trying to execute this behavior on your own.


Do you need to have a quiet room and conditions to achieve the hypnotic state?


The hypnotic condition or "concentration" can be achieved anywhere. Many professional athletes hypnotize themselves during strenuous and loud competitive events.


Is hypnotism is a "trance" state of mind?


Hypnotism is an active, focused state of mind. A person may exhibit a "trance" like condition but only to eliminate districtions and focus on the problem at hand.


Does a hypnotist issue commands to achieve results?


A hypnotist presents ideas that can be accepted or rejected by the subject or hypnotee to achieve results.


Is hypnotism is a religion?


Hypnotism is just one of many words that translate into "focused concentration." There is no religious significance to hypnotism.


Must a subject or hypnotee achieve total muscle relaxation to become hypnotized?


A person may achieve total muscle relaxation or be in a highly active physical state while concentrating in the hypnotic state of mind. A professional athelete may use hypnosis while in the performance of his/her physical skill.


Are executives are too busy to use self-hypnosis?


The busier you are in your life, the more you are already using self-hypnosis fo solve your problems.


Should a hypnotic subject only work on one problem or challenge at a time?


Problems and challenges are interrelated. You may work on many goals at the same time.


Does an individual require several reinforcement sessions by a trained hypnotherapist in order to achieve success?


An individual may reinforce hypnosis by repetition of the "prevailing thought" or "prevailing idea"with no hypnotherapist present.


Wayne F. Perkins

I wish you good luck in achieving your goal.

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