Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stage Hypnotist Tip #14: Using Note Cards to Build Your Routines

Stage Hypnotist Tip #14
Using Note Index Cards to Build Your Routines

In 1964 I was a Junior in High School. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Dave Clark Five had invaded the music scene.

I quickly learned three chords on a guitar and within a few months, formed a rock n roll band called the X Men.

I became the lead singer and the afternoon before our first gig at the American Legion Hall in the Holy City of Algonquin, Illinois, my Mother said the following:

Wayne, would you like me to type out the words to the songs you are singing on 3 by 5 note cards.

I thought this was a heck of an idea, so I said “yes.”

When our band began our first song, “Money,” by the Beatles, my mind went blank just at the exact time I was to sing my first note! I quickly looked at my note card and tried to read the words my Mother so carefully type out on her typewriter. I could not read or understand them as they did not translate before my nervous mind and body.

Well, the band played on and before long I was able to jump into the song and sing it from memory and not the 3 X 5 cards.

In 1976 when I began my career as a professional stage hypnotist, I remembered my Mother’s suggestion, and I wrote down each routine I scheduled for my first show with a large number beside the text so I would know what order to present the routines.

I always kept those note cards secured by a rubber band in my prop bag with me on stage.

After a few shows I got a wonderful idea.

In order to make my show more personal with the audience, I decided to pass out blank note cards to audience members prior to the show.

I said, “This is your show and your entertainment. “Any one who would like to describe what you want me to suggest to the volunteers on stage, just write down in 10 words or less, what you want me to tell them.” “As the show goes on I will be using your cards to create more fun on stage.”

There are at least three advantages to passing out the note cards.

1. It makes the show more personal and interactive with the audience.
2. It acts as a place for me to rest during the show when I might have forgotten the words or routines I was going to say at this point in the show.

3. It adds new routines for my show.

If you are looking to create more fun for your audience and you volunteers on stage along with keeping relaxed and in control of your show…then you may want to ask your audience for funny requests.

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