Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Magic of a Pet in Annihilating Stress at Work

If you want a quick and effective method to relieving stress at work, employ a pet. The faithful and loving pet can work wonders in reducing stress at work and helping you hope with your daily pressures.

An employee of one of my clients, I will call her Anne, told me that as a manager, she has many stressful exchanges with her subordinates. She said that her employees are “not loyal or faithful.”

I asked her if she owned any pets and her demeanor changed instantly. She began raving about her two young Labrador retriever dogs. After work, her greatest joy was seeing them bounce up and down, competing for Anne’s attention.

I asked what she enjoyed most about here dogs and she stated, they are “loyal and faithful.” I suggested further that Anne, think about here dogs while she was at work to remember her loyal and faithful pets while she supervised her employees.

Now she enjoys here job much better and her employees are creating less stressful scenes then they did before.

Linda is a busy working executive. She is also a single working Mom with two daughters. He divorce took place just after her second child was born. Now the daughters are teenagers, and at that age where they just love to rebel.

Linda owns a large white cat named “Butch.” At night, after Linda’s daughters are sleeping, Linda sits in the living room, curled up in a love seat, and reads her favorite books. While she relaxes in the silence of the night, her cat, “Butch” curls up by her side and begins to purr. Butch purrs for several minutes before sleeping right at Linda’s side.

When asked, Linda always tells me that Butch takes all of the stress out of her life. There is something magical and relaxing with Butch’s nighttime purrs.

One of my consulting clients, Larry came to me with a personal crisis triggered by posttraumatic stress syndrome.

Larry experienced a great deal of combat during the Viet Nam War. One of Larry’s jobs included training dolphins to uncover underwater saboteurs, at a major shipping port in Viet Nam.

Larry enjoyed training the dolphins and once he became a civilian, Larry continued on training dolphins at a major seaside resort in the United States. In addition to training dolphins, Larry’s job included training both sea and land animals.

But of all the animals and pets Larry owned in his life, the most “lovable,” was a rare parrot that he traveled with throughout the United States. Larry found that his parrot provided him with the same unconditional love as a dog, but had other unique qualities that gave him peace in a hectic world.

Larry is now able to control his post traumatic stress from the war and he is able to function much better in life do to his loving, pet companion.


How do you feel about your pet? Does your pet relieve your stress? If so, how can you maintain that stress-free state during your busy work day?

Working every day toward relieving your stress at work, you may find loyalty and faithful dog. You can brush away stress using a purring kitten. You may find a special love bond with a pet bird.

Experience the magic of a pet in annihilating stress a work.

Wayne F. Perkins
Stress Annihilator

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