Thursday, June 07, 2012

Create A "Feeling Goal" for Yourself

Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis Tip 44

Create a Feeling Goal

One of the problems of creating goals is that we usually play it “safe.”

By safe we try to make our goal, “realistic.”

We get the term “realistic” from bosses, family and friends who really do not want us to achieve success. They will tell you that it is for your own good, when what they are really telling you is that the advice is for “their own good.”

There are two truths that apply to everyone on this planet. Number one, you are born and number two, you are going to die.

What we do with our lives in between those truths makes us unique and interesting. Why not begin to change your life this very minute.

I want you to create a goal that is so unbelievable, yet desirable, that you have but one option, you will go after it.

This goal is a “feeling in your gut goal.”

Years ago, I created a “mission statement.” It reads, “My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”

This mission statement over the last 20 years, has lead me to unbelievable situations and incredible goal achievement in other areas of my life. It all came out of a “gut feeling” goal.

There is a psychological principle that states,” When your will and your imagination are in conflict, your imagination always wins out.”

Our will is related to our realistic goals and our imagination is tied to our gut level goals or feelings.

Create a gut level goal for yourself. Make it big. I want you to dream bigger than you ever though you could dream and imagine yourself living with your goal achievement.

When you reach your goal you may change the world and you most certainly will change your life.

Wayne F. Perkins Master Hypnotist

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”

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