Friday, January 25, 2008

New Hypnosis Coaching Programs Start On February 1

Two fantastic opportunities for beginning and experienced hypnotists are starting on February 1.

The first program is for beginners who want to become professional stage hypnotists.

Click here for more information.

Are you a clinical hypnotherapist who needs clients and wants to create a passive income by selling books and CDs at the same time?

Click here for information.

I wish you success in achieving all of your goals for 2008.

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

Hypnotism Education

Monday, January 21, 2008

Do you want to manage stress at work?

Do you have job related stress? You are going to find that whether you use hypnosis or not, it's great to have a personal program to annihilate stress at work.

Now you can sample my newest program that requires no hypnosis ability whatsoever, yet you annihilate stress at work.

Click on this link and sample over 15 minutes of the program for FREE.

I wish you success in helping your relax on your job.


Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer
Stress Annihilator
"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Publish Your First Self-help Book Online Coaching for 2008

Hypnosis Marketing Online Coaching Program for 2008

When you finished your hypnotherapy certification training did you realize it was going to be this hard getting clients? After all, doesn't everyone need the services of a hypnotist from time to time?

Do you want to create and complete your first self-help book this year? Do you want to know the secrets behind publishing and self-publishing in order to make your best business decisions?

Hi, I am Wayne F. Perkins, Master Hypnotist Trainer, author and public speaker.

I made every mistake possible in creating my first book How to Hypnotize Yourself without Losing Your Mind, back in 1998. One error in my book design cost me book sales in over 16,000 American bookstores!

In 2000, however, I finished A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing e-Books late in March and it became the #1 Best Selling Non-Fiction Book in the New York Times Best Seller List.

Now you can learn not only what not to do in order to create and sell your book, but more importantly, what to do in a step by step progression. You learn how to find a great title, create content, and more importantly, market your book in the most economical fashion.

At the same time we are building your book, you are learning techniques to build your client base. You will be learning how to create a book to get more clients and create more clients in order to sell more books!

You will be learning and performing every thing I do in order to achieve clients all over the world.

Let me help you take your practice nationally so that you can dump your costly office and hypnotize from the seat of your pants.

Building Your Practice

In Building Your Practice you will learn:

How to overcome self-limiting behaviors and make more money
How to deliver hypnosis sessions over the phone
How to get paid in advance for your hypnosis services
How to leverage companies in your area to build your practice
How to avoid people canceling out on multiple session scheduling
How to network properly to gain more clients
How to build your practice off of a single satisfied client
Publish Your First Self-help Book

In Publishing your first self-help book you will learn:

How to find publishers for your book
How to self-publish your book
How to price your book so you will make money
How to sell your books in large quantities to major companies
How to use your book to build your client base
All of the do's and don'ts about the book publishing business
How to publish your articles and get them distributed over the Internet
How to create and market your audio CDs and mp3s.
How to create free and paid online courses for your content
How to find ghost writers, editors and illustrators, for your books
Where to find distributors, wholesalers and large book buyers

How is the Hypnosis Marketing Coaching Program Delivered?

The program is structured as follows:

1. Our primary contact is via email. You receive a curriculum each month, based on my 30 years in the business with the most up to date and effective ways of marketing your practice, today. At the same time we are taking the steps you need to take to create, write, and market your first self-help book. You will also create your own mp3 and audio CD products as well over the 12 month period.

2. You will receive two recently recorded audio CDs each month. One CD with your lesson content will be sent out during the first week of the month. The second audio CD, that will offer additional content as well as answers to the most common questions during the month is sent at the end of the second week. You will be receiving mp3 files you can listen to online or download to your mp3 player with the same content on the same days I send out the audio CDs. This way you can listen to your training on your computer, your mp3 player as well as any car or home stereo system.

3. You will have a back up telephone number to call and a specific day you can call me without any appointment needed. You can call me up to 4 times each month on that day. You can email me as many times as you wish during each month on any day.

4. You will NOT be billed automatically each month. (I hate that don’t you?)

When I send out the second audio CD, I will include an email invoice with a link where you can securely order month #2. This way if you ever feel you are not getting what you want out of the program we can part ways at the end of any given month.

My goal is not to lock you into a long term coaching contract. My goal is to help you build your practice and create/market your self-help book. I have found that developing multiple streams of income in this business as absolutely necessary in order to survive and to thrive.

We will be developing a marketing plan and adding to it month by month, but you will receive new marketing techniques every single month.

5. Professional Resources. You will learn where the book distributors and wholesalers are and how to get your book listed with them. You will learn how to find professional ghost writers, illustrators, editors, and transcribers for your work.

Can you guarantee I will be a best selling author?

I cannot guarantee you will be a best selling author. I will guarantee that you will know exactly what steps to take to become a best selling author as I am the only hypnotist in the US who has ever produced a New York Times Best Selling Book.

You will learn how to create a marketable book, not only for the standard book market but more importantly the markets that will return the greatest profit potential.

What is the Cost of the Program?

The cost of the program is $397.00 per month. You only purchase one month at a time and even though the entire program takes one year, you are not locked into a long term relationship;. The length of the program is one-year.

Your coaching begins on February 1, 2008 so reserve your spot now. I will only be working with 27 new authors each month for the year.

What happens when I order?

You will receive a confirmation email with my contact information. You will begin your first coaching program on February 1, 2008. You will receive your first audio CD shortly thereafter and your mp3 recordings for the first two weeks of the month. Your second CD will be send out during the second week.

1. Order securely online via VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover, American Express or PayPal.

2. Call Wayne Perkins at: 602-647-4280

3. Send check or money payable to:

Wayne Perkins

PO Box 700 PMB 95

Ash Fork, AZ 86320

Wayne F. Perkins Expertise

1. Wayne has trained working hypnotists all over the world with online audio training and live, one-on one workshops. Now he is offering an exclusive program to help you build your business and publish your book

2. Author of the following print books:

Annihilate Stress at Work (Forthcoming publication date, June 2008)
A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books 2000 (New York Times Best Seller in June of 2000) 1stbooks Publishing and Rocketbook Publishing, 2000
How to Hypnotize Yourself without Losing Your Mind, Trafford Publishing, 1998

3. Author of Four Top-Selling e-books including:

A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing eBooks
Self-publish at the Speed of Thought
How to Hypnotize People and Other Living Things
How to Hypnotize Yourself without Losing Your Mind
How to Hypnotize Your Lover to Awaken a Sleepy Relationship

4. Creator of the following audio programs:

1. Annihilate Stress at Work

2. Master Hypnosis Home Study Program

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

Copyright © 2008 Wayne F. Perkins ePublishing ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do you need help setting up or growing your hypnosis practice?

Do you need help setting up or growing your hypnosis practice?

Hi, this is Wayne F. Perkins, from the Hypnotism Education Website wishing you a Happy and more prosperous New Year.

How would you like to not only get new clients but create and publish your first self-help book? The marketing techniques I used to get a New York Times Best Seller back in 2000 and the techniques I use every day to grow my business are exactly the same.

Now you can benefit by my 30 plus years in the hypnosis business and learn the newest skills you need to maintain and grow a hypnosis practice and publish your first book without paying the big time dues I paid in getting a New York Times Bestseller.

I am creating a brand new Hypnosis Marketing Online Coaching Program for 2008.

During the course of the one year online hypnosis marketing consulting program you will learn:

1. How to create, write and publish your first book, and sell it nationally and internationally.

2. Learn how to hypnotize clients over the telephone so you can grow a national or even an international practice and not pay a dime in renting an office.

3. Learn to create and sell your audio CDs and/or mp3s over the Internet

In addition you will learn techniques that will make you an expert in your field without spending a dime on advertising.

The program will begin on February 1 and last until January 31 of 2009.

It is a month to month program so you are not locked into a full year of consulting if you do not want to commit to that long a period.

Send me a personal email if you want more information about the program:

Or you can give me a telephone call at:

Phone: 602-647-4280


Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."
Wayne F. Perkins

You can also visit my new Stress Annihilation at Work Website if you want to get rid of all of your stress at work.

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