Saturday, April 28, 2007

4 Places to find information on Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis for Free

Here are Four places to find information on Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis

Here are four places you will receive free hypnosis, self-hypnosis
and law of attraction information


Free Video

Wayne's Hypnosis Training Blog

I wish you success in achieving all of your goals,


Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Can Women Become Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists?

Yes, women can become hypnotists and hypnotherapists! In fact about 90% of current hypnotherapy classes include women. There are many more female hypnotists then men. Women make great hypnotherapists because they tend to be patient and they tend to be great listeners. Hypnotherapy involves a talent for nurturing that most women seem to use naturally. A hypnotherapist needs to be a great listener because she is listening for cues in her client’s language and behavior, in order to structure the correct hypnotic treatment prescription.

There aren’t very many female stage hypnotists at this point in history. There are just a few female stage hypnotists today; however all seem to be doing well. The earliest female stage hypnotist I am aware of performed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her father was a professional hypnotist as well. Wendy Friesen is an excellent stage hypnotist as well as a superb clinical hypnotherapist. Her video instruction is located here.

I have trained several hypnotists and hypnotherapists and only a handful specialized in stage hypnotism. We need more female stage hypnotists. Click here if you are looking for live one-on-one training and professional coaching to become a stage hypnotist or a clinical hypnotherapist.


Women make great hypnotists and hypnotherapists. There are just a few female stage hypnotists at this time. There is room for many more in this wonderful profession!

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

Do you want to become a professional stage hypnotist? Click here to begin audio training or click here to begin your adventure with exclusive one-on-one training. If you are looking for more clients click here as well.

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Go to my new website when you want your stress zapped from your system forever!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Deep Breathing and Stress Reduction

Have you ever wondered what one thing you can do to improve to reduce stress and improve your health?

According to Dr. Andrew Weil MD and expert on holistic health, deep breathing is an activity that you can do any time without cost or equipment and it is the most beneficial thing you can do for your health.

Dr. Weil appeared last night on the Stephen Colbert Show on Comedy Central

I have posted Episode 5 to my Monday Morning Stress Annihilation Podcast and I cover how to breathe deeply to annihilate stress. Click here to listen online or to download later one.

Good luck and good breathing,

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize other people? Click here for my audio online course.

Do you want a mentor to walk you through your career as a professional stage hypnotist or as a clinical hypnotherapist? Click here now!

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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Using the Law of Attraction to Defeat Stress

Here are a couple of tools to help you annihilate stress while using the law of attraction.

Click here to read my newest article on Stress and the Law of Attraction.

Click here to listen to my mp3 podcast on Stress and the Law of attraction. In less than 9 minutes you will be armed with a major tool in enjoying your job much better.

Wayne F. Perkins
Stress Annihilator

Hypnotism Education Website

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Annihilate the Fear of Failure on Monday

Click on this link to annihilate your Monday Morning Stress. It is no fun to start the week on a bad note. Learn why you are stressed and how to defeat up easily and totally with Wayne F. Perkins, the Stress Annihilator.

Listen to Wayne Perkins Monday Morning Podcast. You can either click and listen from your computer in Flash, or download the mp3 later.

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize other people? Click here now!

Would you like to become a professional hypnotist and have a mentor with 30 years experience consulting with you now and in the future? Click here for details.

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life." Wayne F. Perkins

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Paul Revere's Ride to Open the Gate for American Freedom

Today is the 18th of April. I would like you to read this wonderful poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned many years after the American Revolution.

Thanks to Revere, Dawes and Dr. Prescott, (who actually did get through to sound the alarm, we live in a free county.

Paul Revere's Ride
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year.

He said to his friend, "If the British march
By land or sea from the town to-night,
Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch
Of the North Church tower as a signal light,--
One if by land, and two if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
Through every Middlesex village and farm,
For the country folk to be up and to arm."

Then he said "Good-night!" and with muffled oar
Silently rowed to the Charlestown shore,
Just as the moon rose over the bay,
Where swinging wide at her moorings lay
The Somerset, British man-of-war;
A phantom ship, with each mast and spar
Across the moon like a prison bar,
And a huge black hulk, that was magnified
By its own reflection in the tide.

Meanwhile, his friend through alley and street
Wanders and watches, with eager ears,
Till in the silence around him he hears
The muster of men at the barrack door,
The sound of arms, and the tramp of feet,
And the measured tread of the grenadiers,
Marching down to their boats on the shore.

Then he climbed the tower of the Old North Church,
By the wooden stairs, with stealthy tread,
To the belfry chamber overhead,
And startled the pigeons from their perch
On the sombre rafters, that round him made
Masses and moving shapes of shade,--
By the trembling ladder, steep and tall,
To the highest window in the wall,
Where he paused to listen and look down
A moment on the roofs of the town
And the moonlight flowing over all.

Beneath, in the churchyard, lay the dead,
In their night encampment on the hill,
Wrapped in silence so deep and still
That he could hear, like a sentinel's tread,
The watchful night-wind, as it went
Creeping along from tent to tent,
And seeming to whisper, "All is well!"
A moment only he feels the spell
Of the place and the hour, and the secret dread
Of the lonely belfry and the dead;
For suddenly all his thoughts are bent
On a shadowy something far away,
Where the river widens to meet the bay,--
A line of black that bends and floats
On the rising tide like a bridge of boats.

Meanwhile, impatient to mount and ride,
Booted and spurred, with a heavy stride
On the opposite shore walked Paul Revere.
Now he patted his horse's side,
Now he gazed at the landscape far and near,
Then, impetuous, stamped the earth,

And turned and tightened his saddle girth;
But mostly he watched with eager search
The belfry tower of the Old North Church,
As it rose above the graves on the hill,
Lonely and spectral and sombre and still.
And lo! as he looks, on the belfry's height
A glimmer, and then a gleam of light!
He springs to the saddle, the bridle he turns,
But lingers and gazes, till full on his sight
A second lamp in the belfry burns.

A hurry of hoofs in a village street,
A shape in the moonlight, a bulk in the dark,
And beneath, from the pebbles, in passing, a spark
Struck out by a steed flying fearless and fleet;
That was all! And yet, through the gloom and the light,
The fate of a nation was riding that night;
And the spark struck out by that steed, in his flight,
Kindled the land into flame with its heat.
He has left the village and mounted the steep,
And beneath him, tranquil and broad and deep,
Is the Mystic, meeting the ocean tides;
And under the alders that skirt its edge,
Now soft on the sand, now loud on the ledge,
Is heard the tramp of his steed as he rides.

It was twelve by the village clock
When he crossed the bridge into Medford town.
He heard the crowing of the cock,
And the barking of the farmer's dog,
And felt the damp of the river fog,
That rises after the sun goes down.

It was one by the village clock,
When he galloped into Lexington.
He saw the gilded weathercock
Swim in the moonlight as he passed,
And the meeting-house windows, black and bare,
Gaze at him with a spectral glare,
As if they already stood aghast
At the bloody work they would look upon.

It was two by the village clock,
When he came to the bridge in Concord town.
He heard the bleating of the flock,
And the twitter of birds among the trees,
And felt the breath of the morning breeze
Blowing over the meadow brown.
And one was safe and asleep in his bed
Who at the bridge would be first to fall,
Who that day would be lying dead,
Pierced by a British musket ball.

You know the rest. In the books you have read
How the British Regulars fired and fled,---
How the farmers gave them ball for ball,
>From behind each fence and farmyard wall,
Chasing the redcoats down the lane,
Then crossing the fields to emerge again
Under the trees at the turn of the road,
And only pausing to fire and load.

So through the night rode Paul Revere;
And so through the night went his cry of alarm
To every Middlesex village and farm,---
A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
And a word that shall echo for evermore!
For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last,
In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
The people will waken and listen to hear
The hurrying hoof-beats of that steed,
And the midnight message of Paul Revere.

Thank you for reading,

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

Stress Annihilator

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What is Core Stress?

“I want to’s and I have to’s,” “Core Stress at its Best.”

There is a basic type of stress all of us experience on a daily basis.

This stress is called “core stress,” by some psychologists. What core stress refers to is the difference between how you feel when confronted by what you want to do and what you have to do.

For example, the statement “I cannot go with you today to the soccer game, because my Father says I have to cut the grass in the yard.” Obviously this person has stress surrounding the job of cutting grass when confronted with another option, “going to the soccer game.”

When you personally experience the difference between what you want to do and what we want to do, our bodies take over in the flight or fight mode. We will either want to run away from the whole experience or we will want to stand and fight.

Over a thousand identifiable chemicals are dumped into your bloodstream including epinephrine, (adrenalin) so your entire body is subject to the effects of a racing heart and chemical production you do not really want to experience.

On the flip side of the equation, what happens when you are confronted with an “I want to situation?”

Example: “I want to go to the baseball game.” “My Father said, if I get an offer to go to the big baseball game, go ahead and go to the game.” “I will be able to cut the grass tomorrow.”

When you are in the “I want to” state of mind and body, your body functions normally and is in equilibrium. This is the state of mind and body you want to be in unless your life is severely threatened and you need your flight or fight instinct.

What Can I do About Keeping the Chemicals out of My Bloodstream?

In order to keep your mind and body in harmony and in physiological equilibrium you need to change your “I have to’s” into “I want to’s.”

Once you do that, you will eliminate “core stress” from that social interaction.

For an example: “I am not going with you to the soccer game, because I want to cut the grass today for my Father.” “It is very important for him to have the yard looking nice.” “There will be plenty of soccer games for us to attend in the future.” “I look forward to that time.”

How does this work in my business?

Let us say you are a sales manager rolling out a new compensation program for your sales team. In-stead of telling your sales team, “You are going to have to sell 10,000 more widgets a month,” thus projecting the “have to” flight or fight response,” say it this way, “You are going “to want” to sell 10,000 more widgets a month in order go receive the top sales bonus.”

Each sales team member needs to rationalize and then internalize, that “I want to sell 10,000 more widgets this month,” rather than, “I have to sell 10,000 more widgets this month.”

Exercise: Exorcising Have To’s

As an exercise note how many times today, you run across a person saying, “I have to” rather than, “I want to.” Jot down the situation surrounding the event and then ask yourself, how can I turn these “I have to’s into I want to’s.”

Then notice in your own conversation, the circumstances surrounding your “I have to’s” that come out of your mouth each day. Turn those into “I want to’s, “by finding positive personal benefits in each instance.

You will find yourself reducing your flight or fight response and the negative physiological effects of the number of those responses.


Flight or fight responses emerge from “core stress.” Core stress happens when we are doing or even thinking about things we “have to” do, rather than doing things we “want to” do. By writing down occurrences of “I have to’s” and using positive statements in changing those to “I want to’s,” you can create the physiological equilibrium and harmony you need to enjoy your job and your life.

Do you want to achieve all of your goals all of the time and annihilate stress in the process? Click here.
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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

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Monday, April 16, 2007

National Stress Awareness Day: Stress and Hypnosis

Today, April 16,2007 is National Stress Awareness Day in the United States.

Since I work worldwide, I have found that stress is not native to just the United States. People all over the World feel the effects of stress.

In order to do my part, please visit my new Website, Stress and watch the free video to annihilate stress and listen to my podcasts.

Click here now and annihilate your stress!

"Annihilate Stress and Propagate Hope"--Wayne F. Perkins Stress Annihilator

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hypnosis Stress Video by Wayne F. Perkins Master Hypnotist Trainer

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Stress Annihilation Retreats Held in Northern Arizona

Are you working more now and also stressing out more?

Now Wayne F. Perkins is offering his exclusive stress annihilation retreat for sales teams, executives, and health care professionals, to help eliminate stress associated with our jobs and careers.

The wonderful relaxing experience with Wayne F. Perkins is held in Northern Arizona, not far from the Grand Canyon.

Part of the 3 day workshop takes you to the Grand Canyon and other beautiful wonders of Northern Arizona.

Click here for more information

Vacation and annihilate work stress at the same time!

Wayne F. Perkins
Stress Annihilator

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Can You Expect From Hypnosis Training?

What can you expect from hypnosis training?

Many people wonder, what’s the big deal about hypnosis? Why do I want to learn it? I have so much to do in my life I do not have time for it.

One of the major reasons to learn hypnosis whether it is self-hypnosis to help yourself achieve your goals the quickest and easiest way, or to learn how to hypnotize other people, is you find new ways to understand and overcome problems. You learn some of the fastest methods to help yourself and others achieve success!

You learn how to find out what is holding your back from success.

You learn how to break the chains of failure and turn every opportunity into achievement.

If you are ready to learn the true mastery of your mind through self-hypnosis click on the link provided below:


When you are ready to learn how to hypnotize others, helping them achieve all of their goals click on the following link:


If you are an entrepreneur or professional sales person and want to achieve and surpass your sales goals click on the link below:


And as always, if you have decided you want to become a professional hypnotist and begin working the same week you receive your training click on the link below:

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”
--Wayne F. Perkins

Wayne F. Perkins
PO Box 700 PMB 95
Ash Fork, AZ 86320

Hypnotism Education

Phone: 602-647-4280

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter from Wayne f. Perkins

Happy Easter to all of those celebrating Easter Today!

I wish you Love and Happiness!

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Podcast for Monday: What is Stress" Flight or Fight"

I am sending out a new podcast for the first day of the work week, on Monday, April 9.

The focus will be on stress. Why its harmful and how to get rid of it.

Click here to listen now or on Monday.

I look forward to your success at work!

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer
Stress Expert

Would you like to learn a guaranteed self-hypnosis system? Click here now!

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize other people? Click here

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You can now subscribe to the Monday Morning Stress Annihilation Podcast Feed

Hi Everyone.
As you know one of the major problems we encounter in life is stress. Regardless of what problem we are working on using self-hypnosis, or if we are a hypnotherapist working on a client for a weight problem, stress is always a problem. I have created a weekly podcast that will help you not only manage stress in your life but completely annihilate stress from your existence!
Click here to go directly to the podcast feed or on this link to take you to the podcast page where you can subscribe, download in mp3 format or listen on line in a flash environment.
I wish you the best in annihilating stress from your life!
Wayne F. Perkins, Stress Expert

Master Hypnotist Trainer

Do you want to annihilate stress and achieve all of your goals all of the time? Click here now!
Do you want to learn how to hypnotize other people, Click here!

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

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