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Hypnosis History What is hypnosis? Who Invented it?

Hypnosis History What Is hypnosis? Who invented it?

Hypnosis is the power, words have, when surrounded by one idea or thought.

Wow, lets take a look at this!

"I thought you had to be in some kind of weird, unconscious, trance to be involved with hypnosis." No, it really only involves weird unconscious trances when you want it to be that way.

We are talking about the "power words have," when surrounded by our complete attention.
As we surround our attention on one idea or thought, amazing things happen. We forget how much time ticked off on the clock when we were experiencing hypnosis.

Remember the last time you were involved in a really good movie or reading a good book, or working on your computer at all hours of the night? Did you realize you were in the "hypnotic" condition? I will bet you did not think you were in the hypnotic condition because you were sitting there all by yourself. There was no-one giving you commands. 

As you were in this condition, did your work seem effortless at times?

Did you feel comfortable?  Did you feel relaxed?

Hypnotic Regression Self-induced

Have you ever listened to a song that brought you back to a different time and place? Have you read a book that brought you back to a particular memory? Have you ever smelled a fragrance that brought a memory or series of memories back to you?

This is called Hypnotic Regression or age regression. As you listen to the song, you may experience the same thoughts and feelings as you did the very first time you heard the song, or the very first time you read the book. As you smelled the fragrance, it may trigger a clear memory of the event where you first remembered smelling that fragrance.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will be a great hypnotic subject! You will achieve almost any goal you desire. If you understand that you have already been in the hypnotic condition, and you trust yourself to give the best hypnotic words or script that your subconscious mind will hear, understand and execute in your behalf. Once you find the correct hypnotic prescription and practice that prescription daily, you will be successful in achieving your goals.

Hypnosis History: Hypnosis The Early Days

Primitive societies used hypnotic phenomena throughout the ages for physical and spiritual benefits. Tribal drums and ritualistic dances have been a part of many societies around the globe.

Kings of middle age Europe would touch commoners with remarkable results. Priests and ministers would use a laying on of hands to affect changes in their church members. There have even been paintings and sculptures in ancient Greece and Egypt that depict a "curing sleep" induced in subjects by their leaders to affect healing or change.

In 1773, Franz Anton Mesmer, an Austrian worked with a Jesuit priest, Maximillion Hell, who was the Royal Astronomer in Vienna, Austria. They treated cases of hysteria with magnets.


Hell thought the magnet cured with physical properties, interrupting the sick person's magnetic field. Mesmer thought there was a fluid mineral that pulsated throughout the person's body. He called it "animal magnetism." This "animal magnetism" theory was confirmed in Mesmer's mind from his personal observation of Father Gassner, who would heal people by using laying on of hands. He would make numerous passes all over the subject's body.

Mesmer studied Father Gassner very carefully and theorized that this magnetic fluid circulating in the body was affecting these changes. This animal magnetism fluid was affected by forces from astral bodies. There were four primary fluids of concern. These four fluids, also called "humors" included blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.

Keeping these fluids in harmony was the trick to good health. This theory was sound at the time and coincided with Ben Franklin's discovery of electricity and recent advances in astronomy. Mesmer moved to Paris in 1778 and invented "backquets." These backquets were large iron pots that would hold many adults. He would line the "backquets" with iron filings and magnets. Patients would enter the bath, immerse themselves with water and leave cured of their ailment. Mesmer had a very high percentage of cures. In 1784, the French Academy set up a commission to study Mesmer and set forth to find internationally famous scientists to explain what was really going on there. Ben Franklin from America, Lavoisier, and Dr. Guillotin, a chemist and inventor of the "guillotine" were asked to study Mesmer and his techniques.

Mesmer's Demonstration

Mesmer took two large iron rods and touched these rods to several trees in the forest to "magnetize" them. His patients were asked to go into the forest and touch the magnetized trees. It was business as usual for Mesmer because many patients came back, cured of their afflictions. However, patients were touching all of the  trees in the forest, not just the magnetized ones.

Ben Franklin and the other scientists arrived at the conclusion that Messmer was not healing the patients. The patient was healing himself by using his own power. The patient's imagination was stimulated in such a way that would enable the person to become completely healed! This is exciting! The experiment demonstrated long ago, showed we possess all the power we need to get better. We all have the potential power to heal ourselves.

Thank you, I wish you success in your healing journey!

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist

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