Monday, June 15, 2009

Unlimited Digital Download for Libraries

Audio mp3 downloads and e-books are now being offered by best selling author/hypnotist, Wayne F. Perkins to libraries around the world.

Unlimited use for one licensing fee makes Wayne’s educational materials unique for libraries. Once a library patron downloads a file, he or she can transfer that file to their personal computer, mp3 player or telephone, without violating Wayne’s copyright.

This is a win-win situations for libraries because potential every library patron can access the materials at the same time while libraries pay only one time for the programs.

More information can be found at the following link:

Or you can call Wayne F. Perkins directly at: 602-647-4280

I wish you success!

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

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Sunday, June 07, 2009


It was precisely at 8:10 AM on June, 10, 1968, when I was discharged from the US Army at Fort Meade, Maryland.

I was stationed with the 6th Armored Calvary. In April of 1968 we were deployed as riot control troops in Washington DC, after Martin Luther King was assassinated, and now Presidential hopeful, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated and my former unit was on alert to be in Baltimore or Washington D.C., if any riots broke out there.

For me, however, my hitch in the Army was over and I was heading home.

All of my clothing was stuffed unceremoniously in my army duffel bag along with my shaving kit. I had $200.00 in my wallet representing my net worth.

I remember walking to the cab stand at Fort Meade, to head over to the airport in Baltimore to fly to Illinois where my parents lived at the time. Today was Monday and I was set to start summer school at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois on Wednesday, June 12. In a few hours, I will be “back on the street again.”

The overwhelming feeling that consumed me at this time is the same overwhelming feeling consuming me forty one years later is one of “hope.”

As I walked to few blocks over to the cab stand, I remember not feeling my feet touch the pavement. It was if I was gliding through the air. Once the cab reached the airport in Baltimore, I reached in my wallet and gave the cab driver one-hundred dollars for a twelve dollar fair. I told the cab driver to keep the change.

In my stupor of hope, I just handed the driver one-half of my net worth, as I headed toward a new sense of adventure and of hope.

I never really thought about that gesture, until today.

In the United States today, all I read about in the newspapers or on the Internet, is how everything is so economically depressed. It is even suggested in the newspapers and coming from politicians everywhere that the American Dream is dead…that we all need to consume less, spend less be less, and have less.

I find that way of thinking insulting and totally wrong.

I am sure that is what all of our parents sacrificed for as we were growing up and what our men and women in the military died for and still die for, to preserve our freedom.

Coming out of that short period of time that had two inspirational leaders killed because they saw a better America, I could understand only one path to pursue.

The path that I took and that I will always take is one of “hope.”

Hope will navigate you beyond other’s limited expectations.

Hope will give you a positive outlook that will wake you up early in the morning.

Hope will excite you everyday to do your best in spite of adversity.

Exactly forty one years ago today, I gave away half of my fortune in return to keep something alive.

What I wanted to keep alive and want to keep alive today is “hope.”

I wish you "hope."

Wayne F. Perkins

Master Hypnotist Trainer

Hypnotism Education

Learn how to navigate these economic times and foster hope with live consulting by phone with Wayne F. Perkins

Hypnotize other people today!

”Annihilate stress and propagate hope.”

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Question about hypnotizing over the phone

Hi Wayne,

I enjoyed looking at your website and especially the article on hypnosis
as a career.

I'm a hynotist and have worked in the field for years, do trainings
myself, etc. And I was interested in the fact that you said you do the
majority of your clients by phone.

I've done a bit of that myself and like you have had great results. But
I find it difficult to convince someone to do phone sessions as most
seem to really prefer in-person therapy. Would you have any advice on
attracting more phone clients to a practice?

Thanks for your time and any thoughts you might be willing to share.

All the best,

Steve Johnson


My Response:

Dear Steve,

Thank you for writing.

Yes, I do the majority of my sessions and trainings over the phone.

In fact, ALL of my sessions are conducted over the phone. I just don't find it profitable at all to conduct sessions in an office environment, (which I did for years) or sessions in my home, (which I did for years)

The effects of hypnosis are all in the minds of our clients. Their perception is the only one that counts in the end.

I used to try to convince my clients that phone sessions are the way to go, but as you are well aware, some people don't share that perception.

So, what I do is hand them off to one of my competitors who will gladly take them.

All of my clients now come from other places. I have clients on the East, Coast the West Coast, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Germany.

When booking, (unlike in face to face), I always secure full payment in advance. That gives me the confidence to help my client, and secures their faith in me as a hypnotist and raises their expectation for success.

I pay for the call and call them on the appointed day if they live in the US. If they live overseas, they call me at the appointed date and time.

Since I have not found that face to face hypnosis works for me as a business model, I am glad to take this unprofitable segment of my business and pass it off.

It also give me a choice to discount the business if I want to , because it is only my time and a phone call rather than gasoline for my car and rent and utilities for an office. Some years I found that I was only funding my business address rather than putting money in the bank

Good luck,

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer
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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."


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