Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The #2 Best Way To Reduce Stress for the Christmas Holidays

The #2 Best Way to Reduce Stress for the Christmas Holidays

Yes, the holiday stress is upon us. Here is the second best thing you can do to control stress at the holidays and making them more enjoyable to all.

The second best thing you can do to control holiday stress is: Exercise.

When you experience stress, over 1400 chemicals are dumped into your bloodstream. One of those chemicals is adrenaline.

If you have no outlet for this additional adrenaline production and the other 1400 or so chemicals, stress begins to wear down the body, immediately.

The best way to take advantage of the situation and put all of those chemicals to good use is to exercise.

Make sure you clear any exercise programs with your medical doctor but plan on getting exercise when you get up in the morning and when you get home from work or school in the evening.

Two 20 minute workouts each day, seven days a week will not only get you into the kind of shape you want to be in over the New Years, but more importantly, reduce all stress in your life.


Stress releases over 1400 nasty chemicals into your bloodstream. In order to put those chemicals to work in a positive way, you need to exercise for two 20 minute periods, each day.

Wayne F. Perkins

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Monday, November 28, 2005

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The #1 Method to Reduce Stress During Christmas Shopping

The #1 Method to Reduce Stress During Christmas Shopping

Do you want to be trampled at the mall? Do you want to get in a car accident?

Or would you like a quiet, yet productive Christmas Shopping Experience?

Now is the time that most North Americans are out Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping has become more difficult around major cities because of the panic buying that seems to go on. Shoppers are much more vulnerable to assault, theft, and automobile accidents than ever before.

The best way to avoid accidents, theft and personal assault is to conduct your holiday shopping over the Internet.

In the past holidays most of the online stores were unknown entities by the shopping public. Now in North America, you can shop at Wal-Mart, Target, and almost all department stores from the safety and convenience of your home.

In the time it takes to drive up to your first store to do holiday shopping, you can have several items ordered and paid for online. You can do this all in the safety comfort and warmth of your home.


Holiday shopping does not need to be stressful. Do all of your holiday shopping online this year and you may find you will relax and enjoy the Christmas shopping holidays.

Wayne F. Perkins

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Pre-hypnosis Stage Talk Recording is Located Here

Your Pre-hypnosis Stage Talk Recording

How important is your pre-hypnosis stage hypnotism talk?

If you want to be successful as a professional stage hypnotist, it is imperative that you have a great pre-hypnosis stage talk.

Click on this link to listen to instruction on how to create a pre-hypnosis stage hypnotism talk. You can read the complete transcript of the audio recording in an article listed below.

Good luck,

Wayne F. Perkins

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving in Memory of Ormond McGill

Happy Thanksgiving in Memory of Ormond McGill

I hope everyone reading this message has a happy Thanksgiving.

I am sad to announce that Ormond McGill, my mentor passed away October 19 at the ripe young age of 92. He just gave a night class in hypnosis just four days prior to passing. I know he is thrilled to be where his is now, however. Death to Ormond was just one more adventure to be cherished and experienced.

Ormond Mc Gill’s work on Earth is finished. Another chapter for Ormond has begun.

He is now part of that wonderful universe that keeps giving when you allow it.

I wouldn’t have been a professional hypnotist if it weren’t for Ormond. He inspired me with the “kind” methods he used to induce hypnosis. These are the methods I use today and impart on my students.

I would have never met my wonderful wife or enjoyed my wonderful life if Ormond didn’t come into my life back in 1978. In just one day of training I became a professional stage hypnotist.

Better still, I learned from him, the power that we all have to change our lives and the lives of our loved ones using our mind and spirit.

At the conclusion of my one day training with Ormond in 1978, I was still apprehensive about going up on stage the first time and hypnotizing other people. I asked Ormond, what one thing I should focus on to get over that fear and apprehension.

Ormond said, “Feel love for all of the audience.” “Think to yourself, I love you and really feel it.”

I took his advice.

Thank you Ormond McGill, for all of the lives you touched and changed during your 92 years with us. You lived several lifetimes with all of the contributions you have made.

I hope you feel the gratitude that we mere mortals have for the true, Greatest Hypnotist in the World.

Thank you my friend, I will see you in “forever.”

May all of my students achieve same success and glory of Ormond McGill.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Wayne F. Perkins

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Where can I buy Hypnosis Videos or DVDs?

Questions on where to buy Hypnosis Videos or DVDs?

James T. Jackson, MA “Dear Wayne, Where can I purchase reliable and quality hypnosis videos?

You can order some excellent quality videos and DVDs by clicking here.

If you want to help a loved one achieve their goals for the New Year, click here. There is either an audio program or a video for just about any goal and problem you can imagine.

I wish you the best for the holidays.

Wayne F. Perkins

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Pre-hypnosis Talk for Stage Shows

The Pre-hypnosis Talk for Stage Shows

You will be developing a Pre-Hypnosis talk for your stage demonstrations. The purpose of the pre-hypnosis talk is to actually pre-hypnotize some of your volunteers before they arrive on stage. Also another objective of the pre-hypnosis talk is to set up the audience for what will happen next. You will be using the questions and answers from Lesson 1 in your pre-hypnosis talk. Before you begin your talk, however, you will to understand what hypnosis is and what your audience is thinking about it, while you are standing in front of them on stage. You will hear some of the same information over and over as I want to burn this information deep into your mind. It is important for your success as a professional stage hypnotist.

The Basic Principles of Hypnosis

Question: What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis refers to the extraordinary power words have when surrounded by your complete attention. When you are hypnotized you are actually in a focused state of mental concentration.

Many people think a hypnotized person is asleep because of all the relaxation they are witnessing. But this is not true. As a person goes deeper and deeper into hypnosis the concentration gets more and more pronounced.

Back in the 1970s a professional boxer named Ken Norton would hypnotize himself before and while he was in the boxing ring. He became the heavyweight champion of the world by using hypnosis for concentration.

Dolly Parton, the country singer/song-writer used hypnosis to improve her song writing ability.

Lilly Tomlin a famous American and Canadian comedian used hypnosis to become more creative in her comedy writing and performing.

Sylvester Stallone used hypnosis to become more self-confident when he was selling the idea of the "Rocky" movies to Hollywood movie producers.

The American actor Kevin Costner used a hypnotist to help him overcome his fear of water for one of Kevin’s movies.

Many sports figures use hypnosis to help them improve their sports performances. Sometimes they use hypnotists to help them, and sometimes they just use self-hypnosis.

Think of hypnosis as super concentration because that is exactly what it is. That super concentration stimulates creativity and memory in a way that seems magical.

Conscious and subconscious mind----

Question: What is the conscious mind and what is the subconscious mind?

Answer: The conscious mind is the part of the mind that we use to analyze and make decisions regarding movement or activities to engage in. We use our conscious mind all day long. Think of the conscious mind as an analytical mind.

Question: What is the sub-conscious mind?

The sub-conscious mind is the part of the mind that is always active but operates behind the scenes unless we call upon it through meditation or hypnosis. The subconscious mind is triggered during flight or fight scenarios as well as when we are in a meditative state. Things that seem to operate automatically for us during the day are goals that are being accomplished by our subconscious mind.

By operating behind the scenes I mean whenever we engage in an automatic activity such as singing a song we "know by heart," driving a car, running on a treadmill or listening to music we have heard over and over again, we are using our subconscious mind.

These all would be conscious activities if we were learning the song for the first time, learning how to drive for the first few times, getting on a treadmill for the first time or listening carefully to a new song.

Our subconscious mind is like a computer. Once it is programmed it works on its own. In order to change the activity you must change the program.

A hypnotist is successful to the degree he can temporarily change the program, (with stage hypnosis) or permanently affect the program through hypnotherapy.

What does your audience think about hypnosis?

People come to your show to be entertained. All of them have preconceived ideas about hypnosis. Although, you are presenting educational facts during your pre-hypnosis talk and demonstrating those principles in an entertaining way, most people will leave with the same preconceptions they had before the show.

You will however, make a strong difference in the lives of the volunteers and many of the audience members will not only be entertained, which is your mission on stage, but they will be moved to action to overcome challenges in their lives using hypnosis.

Here is what your audience thinks about hypnosis.

Many people in the audience think you have extraordinary powers. Some people think you have ESP. Most people know that a person cannot be hypnotized against his/her will, however everyone is wondering about your opinion about that. People are thinking about volunteering but many are wondering if they will feel safe on stage. They are wondering if you will humiliate them in front of their friends. Some people think you are demonic and want to sit in the audience and watch you turn someone into a toad. All would like to be able to feel what hypnosis is like before they commit to volunteering to be the center of attention on stage.

Your First Pre-hypnosis Talk

The following is my pre-hypnosis talk for high school, junior high school, and college major event audiences. These are the shortest pre-hypnosis talks I give because schools hire me for the entertainment not a lecture about hypnosis. Usually in junior high schools and high schools I have less than an hour from the time the students begin arriving into the auditorium or gym to the time they are dismissed after the show. I will only spend two or three minutes in front of the entire audience before I ask for volunteers to march up on stage and begin the entertainment. The best way to explain hypnosis to your audience is to present an experiment that everyone in the audience can participate.

The following represents my pre-hypnosis talk with a high school assembly audience.

Pre-hypnosis Talk with the Lemon Test

The following is a typical pre-hypnosis talk:

“Thank you for inviting me at ______ high school.”

“My name is Wayne Perkins and I am here to bring an exciting audience participation stage hypnotism show.”

“You can see 16 empty chairs behind me.” “In few minutes, you will be invited to come up on stage and experience the true magic of the mind…hypnotism.”

“What is hypnotism?” “Hypnotism is the power that words have when surrounded by your complete attention.”

“Hypnosis is not a religion.” “It is just a profound state of mental concentration.”

“Did you ever listen to a song that brings back a very vivid memory of a relationship you had with someone you care about?” Did you ever get lost in a book and your Mother called you for dinner and you didn’t even hear her?” “Did you ever fall in love?”

“All of these are daily examples of hypnotism.”

“The form of hypnotism we will use today will involve an easy state of concentration.” “You will given suggestions from me, and your powerful subconscious mind will allow some fantastic and funny things to happen as a result.”

“Since I only have 16 chairs on stage, most of you will not be able to participate in the show.” “I have a brief experiment for all of you.”

“In a moment I am going to ask all of you to close your eyes.” “With your eyes closed down I will ask you to breathe deeply and relax.”

“Are you ready to experience the magic of your mind?”

Close your eyes down tight.

“With your eyes closed down, inhale deeply, hold it, now let it go.”

“Your body is relaxing, deeply relaxing.”

“Now, I am going to count to three and when I reach three, open your eyes and focus on me, here onstage.”

“One, two three, eyes open.”

“With your eyes open focus your attention on what I am holding in my hand.”

“I am holding a large, sour, bitter, juicy, yellow lemon.”

“You can all see this large, sour, bitter juicy, yellow lemon.”

“It is such a large sour, bitter, juicy, yellow lemon.”

“Now I take my knife, and I cut into the rind of the sour, bitter, lemon.”

“I am now squeezing the sour, bitter, lemon and you can all see this sour bitter juice trickle to the floor.”

“Now I take and I suck on this sour lemon.” (I physically suck on it very loudly into the microphone)

“And as I suck on this sour, bitter, juicy, yellow lemon, notice how your mouth fills with saliva.”

(You will hear laughter and sound of astonishment coming from the audience)

“This is suggestion the basis of hypnotism.”

“The lemon gives your mind a picture of something sour and bitter.” “When I enhance the picture with the suggestions I am giving you about the lemon’s characteristic, these ideas pass from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind, and your salivary glands secret saliva.”

“It happens automatically.”


Use hypnosis pre-talk for your high school audiences. You will be able to overcome some of your audiences’ fears of volunteering and you will be insuring the success of your show.

Wayne F. Perkins

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Best Time to Start A Diet Program

"When is the best time of year to start a diet program?"—Elisa Evans, MN

Dear Elisa,

The best time to start a diet program is today. In fact the best time to start is this very minute.

Many people at this time of year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, want to put off beginning a diet until after the holidays. Don’t fall into that trap. Even though the holidays are coming shortly, I advise you to begin now. By putting things off until later, all you accomplish is making the steps necessary to begin a successful diet plan, next to impossible to execute. If you don’t begin today, you will never begin.

If you make holidays and eating more important than your own health, then just about everything else will become more important than your own health.

If you cannot resist stuffing yourself for the holidays, then I advise you call your relatives and tell them you have a highly contagious disease. (Morbid Obesity is a rather contagious disease here in the United States)

Tell them you will visit them after the first of the year when you will have this disease in check. By then you may be twenty or thirty pounds lighter and feeling terrific.

Good luck and begin your diet program…Today!

Wayne F. Perkins

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Great Way To Get A Ton of Shows For Little Money by Tim Castleman

The following is an excellent article by a great school stage hypnotist, Tim Castleman. Thank you Tim!

A Great Way To Get A Ton of Shows for Little Money

Wayne was kind enough to give me a few lines in his blog to talk about this super simple strategy that will give you an opportunity to get a ton of stage hypnosis bookings for next to nothing!

This idea came to me by mistake but has turned out to be one of the best low cost ways of getting my name into the school market for very little effort and time. About two years ago a friend of a friend (let me be one of the many people who tell you how important networking is) knew I was launching my stage hypnosis business. She was a school teacher and wanted me to come in a be a guest speaker to her psychology class and talk about hypnosis.

I went the school and basically gave them my pre talk in a nutshell, answered some questions and eliminated some myths about hypnosis and then did a mini show for the class (about 25 kids). The result – I got 25 letter of recommendation that I used as testimonials on my website, honest feedback from my target audience about things they liked and didn’t like in the show and name recognition by teachers and students at the school, making it easier for them to hire me to perform again at the school for fundraisers, post prom and graduation events.

Here is a step-by-step way for you to put this into action.

Get a mailing list of all the high schools in your target range (for me it’s 500 miles from my home). Send a letter addressed to the Psychology Teacher at XYZ High School. In the letter introduce yourself, let them know you want to come to the school and do a free mini show for their class and give them contact info. Most will jump at the chance.

Put your show together and go perform the show for the students just like it was a paying gig. Normally I do props but no music for these shows. After the show have the students fill out a critique form on what they like and didn’t like about the show. Tell them to be honest but support their ideas with examples. I tell the students it’s ok to tell me I suck but tell me why I suck so I can change.

Take that letter of recommendation from the teacher, find a “sound bite” quote and then use it in your next mailing. By doing this it shows that a teacher is giving you the stamp of approval for performing in school and you get instant creditability, which is better than you telling them how good you are.

Watch the bookings pour in. If you don’t get any bookings from this strategy look at it like this – you get a free place to perform and perfect your show, honest feedback on your show from your target audience, and enough letters of recommendation to fill up your website and mail outs to schools.

Take this idea and put it to work for you. With a little time and some effort you could find yourself with a landslide of bookings for the cost of a meal at a restaurant.

Tim Castleman

Saturday, November 19, 2005

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Questions and Answers Stage Hypnotists Need to Know

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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life--Wayne F. Perkins

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Questions and Answers Stage Hypnotists Need to Know

Basic Information you need to know


The objective of this lesson is to answer the major questions your audience, your stage hypnosis clients and you will have to face in your career as a professional stage hypnotist.

Section 1:

As a professional hypnotist you will be answering many questions about hypnosis. It is best to have these answers memorized because you will be using these answers in the following situations:

1. Promoting yourself and your stage hypnotism shows to prospective clients

2. Creating promotional materials for distribution to prospective clients

3. Creating questions for radio talk show hosts. Radio station producers appreciate it when you have questions for the talk show host. You will need to have answers in your head when you are in the radio station studio or when interviewing via telephone.

4. You will need to have the questions and answers memorized because you will be using many of these questions and answers during your pre-hypnosis talk for your live performance or your post stage hypnosis question and answer period after your performance.

5. By committing this body of knowledge to memory, you will boost your self-confidence. Self-confidence is the most powerful attribute a hypnotist brings to the stage hypnosis show.

Hot Questions and Answers:

The following is a list of “hot questions and answers you will be faced almost every day of your Stage Hypnotist Career:


Does hypnotism only take place when a hypnotist gives suggestions to your subject or volunteer?


All hypnotism is self-hypnotism and can be executed alone by the subject or volunteer. As a professional stage hypnotist, you are setting up conditions and are training your volunteer to achieve success under your direction. The volunteer is really providing the hypnotic phenonema from his own mind but through your direction.


Is every a good candidate for a stage performance?


Even though everyone can benefit from hypnosis, some people who volunteer may try too hard, be destracted by the audience, or have fear that keeps them from being hypnotized by you.


How do you know when a volunteer is faking hypnosis?


Because a volunteer who is faking will ruin the hypnosis show for everone, as I work with the volunteers on stage, I am constantly looking for the person who is faking. People who are faking will try to get the audience to look at them when the other volunteers’ eyes are closed. They will also talk to the other volunteers when on stage. When I spot a person doing that, I will immediately remove him/her from the stage. Most of the volunteers are sincere about experiencing the magic of the mind, so I find that I have to remove very few people who are faking hypnosis.


If I am hypnotized will I reveal a secret that I don’t want to reveal?


During the hypnosis process on stage, you always know you are on stage so you will also have the same reservations about revealing a secret. No matter how deeply you are hypnotized, you always are under control the control of your own personal belief systems. You will only reveal, what you want to reveal when you are not experiencing hypnosis.


Does a volunteer lose mental control to the hypnotist to achieve success onstage?


Volunteers learn from the hypnotist how to access their subconscious minds. All the time this is happening the volunteers always know they can refuse to do what the hypnotist is asking. Some volunteers will perform very well with the first 10 things the hypnotist is suggesting and then just seem to quit at some point. What is happening is that the volunteer is experiencing conflict between his value system and what the hypnotist is asking, so he just decides to stop the process. Hypnosis is a cooperative learning process, not domination of one will over another.


Will volunteers remember what happened during their adventures on stage?


Hypnosis is a dreamlike state of concentration. Did you ever have a dream and forget it as soon as you woke up completely from bed? Unless instructed differently by the hypnotist, some volunteers will remember everything that happened to them on stage, some will remember bits and pieces of went on, and some people will forget everything that happened. People will respond as individuals after the show is over.


Can a person be hypnotized against his or her will?


No. If the volunteer does not want to be hypnotized, he or she just won’t be hypnotized. Why a person who doesn’t want to be hypnotized, volunteers to go up on stage is a mystery to me. Its easier to stay un-hypnotized by not volunteering.


Do you have to have special powers to hypnotize other people?


No, the hypnotic condition is a state of focused "concentration" and can be achieved anywhere. Many professional athletes hypnotize themselves during strenuous and very loud competitive events. A hypnotist in a stage show is helping the volunteers learn to concetrate very deeply.


Is hypnotism is a "trance" state of mind?


No, hypnotism is an active, focused state of mind. A person may exhibit a "trance" like condition but only to eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand.


Does a hypnotist issue commands to achieve results?


A hypnotist presents ideas that can be accepted or rejected by the volunteer to achieve results. The volunteer can always decide to reject the idea, but most of the time it seems interesting and fun to stimulate the creative part of the mind during the stage show.


Is hypnotism is a religion?


Hypnotism is just one of many words that translate into "focused concentration." There is no religious significance to hypnotism.


Does a volunteer achieve total muscle relaxation to become hypnotized?


During the stage show, a volunteer will experience total muscle relaxation when the hypnotist suggests it and will experience vibrant muscular activity when the hypnotist is suggesting a highly active state of musclular activity.


Can a person get stuck in hypnosis?


No, a person cannot get stuck in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of deep concentration. Deep concentration on any one thing will only last about 20 minutes. This is why a stage hypotist presents a number of phenomena with little time in between, hypnosis “events.”

You need to refocus your volunteers’ attention often or they will snap out of hypnosis on their own. If you feel a person is stuck, if you just let them sit for about twenty mintues they will either snap out of hypnosis on their own or they will fall into natural sleep.


How long does it take to hypnotize a person on stage?


It just takes a few minutes to hypnotize people stage if the people are willing volunteers and they listen and follow the simple instructions.


How do you learn hypnosis?


You learn hypnosis by taking lessons from qualified hypnotists. There are no degree programs for stage hypnotism at colleges or universities in the United States. Click here to learn from Wayne F. Perkins Master Stage Hypnotist


In this lesson you learned some of the common questions you will receive before and after your performance. All the time you are answering these questions you are building rapport with your audience and volunteers. When using these questions and answers on radio interviews you are educating and enlightening your radio audience. You are also opening doors for future stage hypnosis bookings.


Write down these questions on a piece of paper. Answer these questions in your own words. You may want to record your answers and save them on your computer or keep your answers in a spiral binder for future reference.

Wayne F. Perkins

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“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can Women Become Hypnotists?

Can women become hypnotists?

Yes, women can become hypnotists. In fact about 90% of current hypnotherapy classes include women. There are many more female hypnotists then men. Women make great hypnotherapists because they tend to be patient and they tend to be great listeners. A hypnotherapist needs to be a great listener because she is listening for cues in her client’s language and behavior, in order to structure the correct hypnotic treatment prescription.

There aren’t very many female stage hypnotists at this point in history. There are just a few female stage hypnotists today; however all seem to be doing well. The earliest female stage hypnotist I am aware of performed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her father was a professional hypnotist as well.

I have trained several hypnotists but only a few specialized in stage hypnotism.


Women make great hypnotherapists. There are a few female stage hypnotists. There is room for many more in this profession.

Wayne F. Perkins

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“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How Hard is it to Learn Stage Hypnotism?

How hard is it to learn stage hypnotism?

Professional Stage Hypnotism is both and art and a science. You need to develop three competencies in order to be successful. You need to be open to learn and practice new concepts. You need to fearless about presenting or performing in public. You need to have a love of people. You are performing a show and counting on volunteers to help you. You are presenting a show to an audience filled with people who want to relax and enjoy life.

When you master these three competencies, a rewarding world of fun and adventure lie ahead.

Wayne F. Perkins

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“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Monday, November 14, 2005

Why become a professional stage hypnotist?

Motivations for becoming a Professional Stage Hypnotist

Many hypnosis students wonder, why become a Professional Stage Hypnotist? How does my new career affect my friends and family? How much money do hypnotists earn? What kind of a life am I facing?

Why become a profession stage hypnotist?

People decide to become a professional stage hypnotist for many reasons. Most want a business for themselves. Many want to perform in front of people and demonstrate the miracles of the mind. Some go into the business to become financially independent. Others just want to know the secrets behind stage hypnotism. Some people know that they can help others solve issues in their lives and demonstrate hypnosis to obtain clients for future hypnosis treatments or hypnotherapy.

How does my career affect my friends and family?
Your career may allow you to travel and bring your family with you to exotic and some not so exotic places. I like to travel because I love to visit new places and meet new people. I try to spend at least a day or two extra on the road when I can.

Your friends see you as an “expert.” The word professional is thrown around a lot and now seems to include minimum wage jobs, however as a stage hypnotist, you have access to information that 99 percent of all people do not have. You have information that most clinical hypnotherapists do not have. You are truly a professional and truly and expert. You are a big fish in a small pond.

The entertainment value of a stage performance is huge. Your worst hypnosis show will be accepted better than most professional speakers receive presenting their topics at their top of their games. Your show will be more memorable. People enjoy watching their peers and friends on stage. The emphasis is always on the volunteers, and they never let their audience down. In addition to working magic on stage, the professional hypnotist enjoys watching his volunteers as he facilities fantastic and hilarious situations.

How much money does a professional stage hypnotist earn?

Hypnotist’s earnings are all over the place. Since the field is so small of working stage hypnotists and even clinical hypnotherapists, I can only speak from the hypnotists who have shared that information with me over the years and my own personal income. I have been hypnotizing audiences since 1977.

I know some hypnotists who make less than $40,000 per year, and I know hypnotists who earn over $500,000 a year. Regardless of where you find yourself in total earnings, it will always be a function of marketing your services. You need to learn how to market in order to be successful. I have only known one professional stage hypnotist who earns more than $500,000 a year and has a single agent working for him.

I have never used an agent for booking stage shows as I want to be a part of all of the negotiations, however I do work with agents for the corporate market as the budgets are much larger than the high schools and college markets I serve.

In all of the speaking profession there are three basic levels of fees.

Level 1.
$500-$2000 per presentation

Level 2.

$2000-$8000 per presentation

Level 3.

$8000-$15,000 per presentation

(Presidents and celebrity speakers will make over $100,000 a speech)

As a professional stage hypnotist, I have performed at all three levels of fees.

At level One, I have performed at the $500-2000 per presentation at High Schools and Junior High Schools in the beginning of my career.

Most of my High School Stage Shows are in the Level Two Range as of 2003. I enjoy presenting two performances held the same day at in the same school district to maximize my day.

Level Two also represents the fees paid for a single show presented for a small company or the larger comedy clubs. State and National Association Conventions also pay fees in this range.

Level Three represents medium and large companies. They hold corporate meetings at hotels in exotic places. Since they may have several thousand employees attending the event, its not uncommon for large companies to begin at the $10,000 level. They will spend more than that on the desert cake or the flower arrangement at each banquet table.

A stage hypnosis show is much more entertaining than the flowers at the table or a small piece of cake!

What kind of life am I facing?
You are facing a life that isn’t 9-5. You may work 7 days a week or just a few days a week. Since you will be doing all of your own marketing and promotion, you will have to take time each day to answer phone calls, make up contracts, and make outgoing phone calls.

However, you get to take the days off without asking for permission. If you don’t like the earnings you make as a hypnotist, you can perform at higher paying levels. You can give yourself a raise whenever you want.

The downside of the business is you don’t have the so-called “security” you have in earning minimum wage in the United States. Since most of the good paying jobs in the United States will always go the cheaper labor paying countries, Professional Stage Hypnotism gives you a chance to earn a great income and create your own financial security.

On the downside you will have people that don’t believe in what you do and will call you a Satan follower. These may even be your church ministers or leaders of the political parties you voted for in the last election.

However, you will inspire and help people around you. Even as an entertainer you will have people come up to you and tell you about how your hypnosis helped change their lives.

Every week, I get several people who tell me just that. This in itself is reward enough for demonstrating the true, “Magic of the Mind, “Professional Stage Hypnotism.

It is easy and its fun learning Professional Stage Hypnotism. You become a professional in the true sense of the word. You can earn a great living and work the days or nights you wish to work. Yes, there are downsides, but when you think of the tremendous financial and personal achievement possibilities, you may find a professional stage hypnotist career the best career for your life.

Hypnotically Yours,

Wayne F. Perkins

Do you want to become a professional stage hypnotist? Click here for my exclusive one-on-one training in sunny, Phoenix, Arizona.

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Sunday, November 13, 2005

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Marketing Hypnosis with Service Clubs

Marketing Hypnosis with Service Clubs

Whether you are a professional stage hypnotist or a clinical hypnotherapist, the number one concern of hypnotists in the United States is, “How do I find hypnotherapy clients or prospects for stage shows?)

One of the best ways of marketing shows or obtaining hypnotherapy clients is through “service clubs.”

What is a service club?

A service club is a group of adults that meet weekly, share common values and raise money to help a variety of needs in their communities. These service clubs are chartered by state and national service clubs.

In the United States, where I do most of my work, service clubs are very easy to find. Almost every small town or region in the US has a local newspaper. These newspapers list local meetings of Elks, Rotarians, Moose, Kiwanis, and others that hold weekly meetings. At each meeting they try to obtain a speaker who can add value to their meeting. The speaker usually has about 20 minutes to talk. A telephone number is usually included in the newspaper so you can call the “program chairperson” of the service club.

Your Marketing Plan to Service Clubs

Your objective is to get speaking gigs with service clubs or obtain new clients as a hypnotherapist. You can use a short 20 minute talk on “How to Relieve Stress” on the Job” as a tool to get you future hypnosis paid speaking gigs or new hypnotherapy clients. Find 5 or 7 good tips on overcoming stress on the job. Everybody has stress, so they will be interested in booking you at their next available meeting. Even though you are a hypnotist, make sure you use other techniques as well as deep relaxation to show how people can reduce their stress. Make up handouts for people to take home that have your contact information and a short bio, including mentioning you are a stage hypnotist or a clinical hypnotherapist. Make up an introduction for the service club president to read to announce your speech and mention you are a professional hypnotist.

What opportunities are available for paid speaking through service club after your free speech?

1.If the service clubs are local chapters, you will actually have to ask them when they have their fundraiser and ask to do a split the gate stage performance to help raise funds.

2.Each local chapter is associated with a state or national organization. Once you do your local free talk or the paid split the gate performance, ask your contact for the committee chairperson’s name and telephone numbers for the state and national chapters. State and national chapters usually have budgets in the area of $2000-$5000 for a gig like stage hypnotism or stress management.

3.At the local meeting after you will also receive business cards from the local business men and women asking how much you would charge for a company holiday party or private party. You will also get people to ask how much you charge to help them overcome stress or sleep better at night. This gives you the opportunity to sell your services via phone or in-person sessions.

4.If you are a clinical hypnotherapist, include in your handout at your free talk, the areas of hypnotherapy sessions you specialize in and facts about hypnosis. Also include your detailed contact information.


Service clubs offer split the gate fund raising opportunities, individuals who want sessions from you, state and national conventions that have budget$ for entertainment, and paid gig opportunities from individual members who want you to perform with their companies. You will be giving a Free speech to help others reduce stress, and you may walk home with gold mine of paid opportunities.

Wayne F. Perkins

Do you want to learn more detail about getting paid for being a hypnotist? Click here for my audio hypnosis course. Do you want to learn to be a professional stage hypnotist or clinical hypnotherapist? Click here for more information on my exclusive one-on-one training and coaching held in sunny and warm, Phoenix, Arizona.

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Thursday, November 10, 2005

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Monday, November 07, 2005

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Was I Really Hypnotized?

“Was I Really Hypnotized?”

Do you want to be hypnotized or do you want your problem solved?
As a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist you will be faced with this conundrum every day?

You will fix your client’s problem but they will respond after your session, “My pain is gone now, but I don’t really think I was hypnotized.”

Hypnosis is a state of mental concentration. It is no different than the concentration you experience when reading a book, watching an interesting movie, or listening to enrapturing music.

Many of your clients, however, feel that hypnosis is a magic condition where they lie unconscious while their brains are being rewired. They feel they should have no memory of the experience.

Once your client is away from your office and their usual distractions in life are in play, there is a good chance your hypnosis prescription will soon be forgotten.

Why does this happen? Study my articles on the four fear, and you will understand why this happens. Just because a person is in severe physical, psychological, or emotional pain, does not mean they really want to eliminate the pain, forever.

The keyword here is “forever.” As a therapist when first addressing your client, ask him or her, “Do you want to rid yourself of this condition, forever?”

Give your client a few minutes to respond. Then refer to the questions I outline in my articles about the four fears associated with solving your client’s condition.

Once you get the answer that your client wants this problem solved, regardless of the consequences, and then ask these questions.

“If I can help you overcome your problem forever with a process that doesn’t seem like hypnosis to you, do I have your permission to go ahead and use it?” “Will you then cooperate and use the system I outline for you?

You may be surprised by the answers you get. The answer you want to hear is: :”The most important thing is, I want to rid myself of this problem forever.” “Use any technique you wish to help me accomplish this mission.”

If you get any response other than that one, your client is not ready to solve a problem, they are just interested in feeling hypnotized.

Until you are able to find out what is holding them back from success and why they really don’t want the problem solved, you may not be successful with your hypnotic prescription.

Make a decision at this point whether you can help your client or not. If you cannot, be honest and explain that they are not ready for help. Tell them, you will be happy to help them achieve success once they are ready.

Be careful of the client who says, “My problem is now solved, however I didn’t feel hypnotized.” “Your client may be looking for a chance to go back to the same destructive behavior, he came to you to exorcise. Uncover the fear that is holding him back from success. Obtain your client’s verbal permission to rid him of this problem using any technique available, even if it does not include hypnosis.

Wayne F. Perkins

Do you want to learn my system of hypnotizing other people? Try my online audio hypnosis training. Do you want to change your career? Become a professional hypnotist in just two days. Click here for information.

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Overcoming the Fear of Presenting or Public Speaking

Overcoming the Fear of Presenting or Public Speaking

Many people have the fear of public speaking and the fear of being seen or heard in public. Some professional surveys rank the fear of public speaking as greater than the fear of death.

What are the symptoms of the fear of speaking or being seen and heard in public?

Some of the typical signs are: redness in the face (blushing), shortness of breath, loss of memory, stuttering, sweating, and feeling sick to the stomach.

Think about how you feel when speaking or demonstrating in front of a group. Do you have any of these symptoms or do you feel or experience something else.

Tips in Overcoming the “Fear”

Keep these facts in mind when presenting your speech.

1. Everyone in your audience has internal dialogues going on. They are listening to what you are saying but filtering out most of what you are saying. They are too busing thinking about what they saw on television, they are thinking of how they are going to hide their love affair from their spouse, going over their shopping list, ruminating about a government tax audit, and just about everything other then what you are talking about. (This gives you plenty of room to error.
2. Regardless of how nervous you think you look, most people when asked would say and believe that you were very calm and collected on stage.
3. If you do look nervous, you will connect with the majority of the audience as they will identify with your pain, which makes your speaking points become accepted and internalized. (Isn’t this your goal as a public speaker?)

Remember that there is nothing wrong with feeling frightened by presenting or public speaking. Your audience isn’t’ riveted on each and every word that you are saying. They are focusing on their own internal dialog. Relax and enjoy your next encounter with public speaking.

Do you want to learn the secrets of hypnotism? Click here for details. When you are ready to become a professional hypnotist, let me train you one-on-one. Click here for details.
“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hypnosis Technique Tips 1

Hypnosis technique tips by Wayne F. Perkins

Question Excerpted from my email:

“Dear mr Perkins”
“My name Is Christopher ball and I am interested in seeing if you could tell me what I can do to improve my hypnosis. “The method that I use is I make the person look very hard at a pen and I make them look at nothing but the pen and listen to nothing but my voice. then I say when I snap my fingers you will be in a deep trance. Then to get them out of the trance I say when I snap my fingers you will be out of this trance and this order is locked in with the password ..”.

Please give me some advice.
Christopher Ball


Thank you for writing, Christopher. First of all, I do not know your age. If you are learning hypnosis in the United States you must be at least 21 years old. Also if you are an adult, you need to have a permission slip from the parents of anyone you are hypnotizing who is under 18 years old.

Using a single method like “looking real hard at a pen” may work on some people, but others will be distracted by it. Some people like staring at objects when hypnotize, others work better to begin with their eyes closed down.

Hypnosis is a state of concentration, not a trance. If you are demanding people go into a trance with a snap of the fingers, many will pop out of hypnosis all together, because they know that hypnosis is concentration, not trance. Only 20 percent of the population or 1 out of 5 of your clients will think they were in a trance.

I would use a deepening technique like counting backwards from 100 down to one, or developing a light or heavy sensation in the body, or give them pre-hypnosis tests.

(All of these things can be learning in my Hypnosis Audio Training Course)

You also need to use something different for a cue to go down into hypnosis, especially if you are using the same cue, (snapping fingers) to take them out of hypnosis.

I recommend you take a course in hypnosis to learn these fine points.

I wish you success in your efforts.

Wayne F. Perkins

You can learn hypnosis from the privacy of your home by clicking here.

Or you can learn hypnosis one-on-one working with me in Phoenix, Arizona.

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Free Self-hypnosis Training Online by Wayne F. Perkins

Free Self-hypnosis Training Online By Wayne F. Perkins

Back in 1997 I published my first book, How to Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind: A Self-hypnosis Training Program for Students and Educators.

It is published through Trafford Publishing out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The complete text is available to read for free if you click on this link.

I wish you success in learning self-hypnosis. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, everyone who wants to become a professional hypnotist is advised to read the entire text.

Good luck on your learning.

Wayne F. Perkins

If you want to learn to become a professional hypnotist, click here for audio training or click here for my exclusive one-on-one training/coaching held in Phoenix, Arizona.

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What is self-hypnosis?

What is self-hypnosis? Can people really hypnotize themselves to eliminate a bad habit?—Kevin Molbert

Kevin, self-hypnosis is a state of mind you put yourself in to achieve your goals. During the act of self-hypnosis you need to relax and let your mind float. It helps during self-hypnosis to write down specific goals or things you wish to accomplish during your session.

I have free self-hypnosis instruction based on my book, How to Hypnotize Yourself without Losing Your Mind.” Click here to read it for free.

You can eliminate many bad habits by learning and practicing self-hypnosis each day.

Good luck to you,

Wayne F. Perkins

Do you want to learn hypnosis and self-hypnosis? Click here for free information. Do you want to become a professional hypnotist? Click here to find out how to book one-on-one training with Wayne F. Perkins.

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins