Sunday, December 12, 2010

Question from Tom regarding Hypnotic Inductions


Thank you for ordering my programs. I appreciate it very much.

The inductions I use the most are the following.

I use the "eyes open induction" when working on stage, mainly because this is what people expect when the see an entertaining hypnotist. Plus it entertains the audience.

Also, as I am giving suggestions that the volunteer's eyes are getting tired, I can many times view redness in their eyes. (or at least view redness in the eyes of who I feel may be great subjects to use later in the show)

This gives me a chance to gain confidence because putting on a show, I do it in such a way that I am building confidence in myself as a hypnotist at the same exact time I am building confidence in my volunteers in their abilities of becoming hypnotized.

When I use hypnosis for hypnotherapy, (and most the time this is handled over the telephone) I always use the "eyes closed induction."

The main reason is, the person has some personal problem he/she needs help with. The immediate environment contributes to the problem. If I can immediately have the person shut his eyes, he is out of that environment and now in my environment.

The exception to this rule is when I am talking to the individual before hypnotizing him, and I ask, "have you ever been hypnotized before?" If he says, "yes," then I asked him how the experience went. If it went well, then I will copy the induction that went well and use that. (Why reinvent the wheel?)

If the person said, "I began with my eyes open and the hypnotist had me stare at my door knob until by eyes got tired and they automatically closed down."

I will then direct him to "stare at your door knob, until your eyes get tired and automatically close down." In addition I will say, "you are beginning to feel the same exact feelings as the last time you were deeply hypnotized."

"You may even find yourself going deeper into hypnosis as you know how beneficial it is to your mind and body."

This way, I build on what the previous hypnotist did, gain confidence in my subject, and get to deepening hypnosis very quickly.

Good luck with your inductions.

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

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