Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 10 Tips on Losing Weight Over the Holidays

The Top 10 List for Losing Weight over the Holidays

1. You are on your own. Do not wait for someone else to join you in a weight reduction group. Weight control is an individual sport. Begin today.

2. Physical Stress builds over the holidays. Get more exercise. When you go shopping, park your car far away from the stores. Walk 25% faster than you normally do. You need to increase your physical activity in order to reduce stress

3. Use your Television for stress reduction. Every time commercials come on your television, use the mute button on your remote and that practice deep breathing exercises. Use the 17 or 20 minutes each hour of television to focus on reducing stress and focusing on your goal weight.

4. Start a new holiday tradition of going hiking, ice skating, swimming at a pool, joining a gym, or taking an exercise class at an adult education facility.

5. Avoid any “pot luck” dinners. People love to create fatty and sugary concoctions over the holidays. There are reasons government health inspectors cite restaurants for unhealthy food preparation conditions. You have no assurance of the sanitary conditions of your pot luck contributors. If you did not make the food, consider it unsafe.

6. Avoid all you can eat or buffet serving restaurants. You will always take more than what you can eat and then feel pressured into eating everything on your plate.

7. Avoid consuming alcohol as much as possible. People get physically depressed over the holidays. Consuming alcohol will enhance rather than reduce the depression. You will also gain more weight as alcoholic beverages also contain sugar and fat.

8. Drink more water than you think you need. In the winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, where I live, people do not drink much water because of the cold winter climate. Your body needs water to survive. Also, by drinking water you will reduce the cravings for food. If you are not craving food then you may not feel you need to eat food.

9. Do not expect your friends and relatives to support you in your quest for a healthy life. Look around you. Are the people you hang around with healthy and in shape? If not, do not expect them to support you in your quest for good health. Go out and get healthy and then you can be a positive role model and mentor to them. Get healthy and save a live or two.

10. Take Action Now! Do not wait to lose your weight, tomorrow, next week or next month. Procrastination involves stress. You can reduce stress and reduce your weight by taking action now!

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Monday, November 27, 2006

How Do I Know That I Was Hypnotized?

Here is a question from one of my hypnotherapy students.

"When I am hypnotizing someone, many times they say, "I didn't feel hypnotized."
"Should I use some of your stage hypnotist phenomena, in order to prove hypnosis?"


Thank you for writing.

One of the major challenges hypnotists face is when the client says, "I don't think I have been hypnotized."

"I didn't feel different." This is natural.

Even after a stage show, where your skills are clearly proven to all on stage and to hundreds or even thousands in an audience, sometimes your best volunteers will come up to you later and say, "I don't think I have been hypnotized, I don't feel any different." They may have been the most demonstrative volunteers and the most entertaining for the audience.

Much of what they feel is based on denial. They want to believe that they are independent thinkers and can't be controlled by others. Or in hypnotherapy, they have other issues that are holding them back from success that you didn't address before you hypnotized them.

When I first learned hypnotherapy, I used to perform 3 tests of suggestablilty.

1. Eyes locking test

2. Arms raising and lowering test

3. Hands getting stuck test.

Not everyone will achieve success during these tests however. They may do great with tests 2 and 3 but refuse to lock their eyes down tightly.

So I would go on and perform an induction and give that person a hypnotic prescription and guess what? That person was so focused on the test that he/she failed, that the helping words of the hypnotic prescription did not seem to take.

Back in the 50s and even the 60s, hypnotists would give their clients suggestabilty tests, or use time distortion, or amnesia, to test their clients. If the clients didn't pass all of the tests, the hypnotist would exclaim, "You cannot be hypnotized."

This is not true.

You have to find out what your client wants to gain from the experience. If he/she just wants to "feel hypnotized," just hand him a candle, play some New Age music, and have him sit in a room for a couple of hours just staring at a candle. You can leave the room for those two hours and do something productive.

They will get a feeling for something unusual.

But if you want to help them sleep better at night, overcome fear, or control their weight, you need to attack the things that are holding that person back from success, and then give them an induction and prescription that is unique for that person.

Inductions for overcoming problems are not cookie cutter in nature. They should be highly individualized.

Also, during the induction, instead of giving tests which your client may flunk and thus ruin your whole program, say this, "As you are sitting in your chair, relaxing all the muscles of your body, you are thinking, I wonder if I am hypnotized or not." "Just allow those thoughts to leave you." "As you realax and think about the suggestions I am presenting, your powerful subconscious mind is working on a solution to your problem." "You will be successful with ____________. (You name the problem in the blank)

You can always place different phenomena into your induction. However, there are specific sequences you go through that I cover in my Master course.

Also, I go into a great deal detail on how to work with clients in my Master Hypnosis Audio Course at:

and with the Self-hypnosis Training, titled, How to Achieve All of Your Goals All of the Time located at:

Good luck with your training.

Thank you again for writing.


Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Here is a new Visualization Tool from The Secret

Happy Thanksgiving!
Here in America that means celebrating the "harvest."

Here is a wonderful daily visualization tool the folks from the Secret would love to share with you.

Click here now! and Every Day When You Wake Up!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Depression

Wayne F. Perkins

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

While war and poor economic conditions begin to affect people all over the world, more and more people suffer with depression. The more we focus on news events and the business climate, the more we are depressed. Whatever the reason you feel is the cause of your depression, the following five simple tips guarantee you reduce it significantly.

1. Do not read newspapers.

Newspapers publish negative stories most of the time. Even in peaceful periods, newspapers will find the worst in humanity and place negative stories on display in order to promote sales and subscribers. Stories focused on War, rebellion, death, destruction, doom and despair abound in the newspapers.

Stop reading the newspaper and reduce the negative input to your brain.

2. Turn off your television.

Watching and listening about the horrible economy and the losses associated with War will add to depression. In fact, you guarantee the feeling of helplessness. Helplessness allows depression to nurture. If you really need to watch or listen to these kinds of news stories, promise yourself you will bury yourself in the documentaries that are sure to follow in the next 5 or 10 years. A way you can eliminate most of the negative input to your brain is by setting it aside for a date somewhere in the future. I guarantee in the future, you will not find it very interesting.

When visitors come to your home, make sure you turn off your television and keep it off. News television broadcasters are fighting for your guests' attention as they promote despair, war, death, and destruction with many headline news interruptions. Those little banners that run across the bottom of the screen achieve your attention and they take hold of your consciousness. Television will diminish your positive spirit.

3. Say good things about others

My Mother always says, "if you can't say anything nice about others, don't say anything at all." However, when you find yourself in a conversation and a relative says, "Remember Uncle Phil?" " He was an alcoholic" Respond with " yes, Uncle Phil was an alcoholic and he was the most charitable person, I have ever met."

Connect your friend's negative statement about Phil with a positive one. Set yourself up to find the positive in anyone's statement and you will keep negative thoughts and depression from overtaking your life.

4. Get physical exercise

Adults forget about exercise when suffering from depression. Make sure you are exercising daily and sending more oxygen to your brain cells. The result of exercise will improve your health as well as your attitude.

5. Breathe deep and relax.

Practice the following breathing exercise to relax your body and mind. Breathe deeply and relax. For 3 minutes each hour take a short mental vacation.

You can engage in this exercise while you are standing in the checkout line at the supermarket or when listening to others while talking on a telephone. You can complete the exercise at home or at work.

Take three deep breathes and relax. As you inhale, concentrate on calm and peaceful thoughts. You may think about relaxing by a mountain, by the ocean or comfortably in your favorite room at home.

As you exhale, concentrate on pushing any tension out of your lungs.

Focus on positive images in your life. Focus on laughter, love, excitement, and hope.

Keep breathing in and out in this pattern until you feel better. If you practice the exercise often, you will notice wonderful changes in your outlook and in other aspects of your life.

Reduce your depression now! Enjoy your family, your friends, and your life.

--Wayne F. Perkins

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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Do You Want Health Wealth and Happiness?

Learn with Wayne Perkins Exclusive yet Easy, Self-hypnosis Training Program

Now you have a full year to achieve your goal. With the Perkins Self-hypnosis Training Program you have a full year guarantee to practice, learn and achieve your goals through self-hypnosis! You learn by listening and doing.

You have no manuals to read and very little theory to study. Each of the mp3 files if you order the download or the 6 audio CD set when you order option B, allow you to sit at home, listen learn and live your dreams and goals.

With over 30 years experience teaching self-hypnosis in the US and Worldwide live and through books and tapes, Wayne has developed a signature audio program that will allow everyone the opportunity to unlock the secrets within their minds, in the privacy and convenience of their homes. Men and women from all over the world consider Wayne the expert in teaching self-hypnosis.

What problems can I overcome through self-hypnosis?

• lack of self-confidence
• procrastination
• weight control
• communication problems
• lack of self-confidence
• test anxiety
• motivation
• high blood pressure
• high cholesterol
• diabetes
• panic disorders
• chronic tension headaches
• fibromyalgia
• insomnia
• psoriasis
• arthritis
• low energy
• Obesity
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• chronic pain
• smoking
• self-esteem
• memory loss
• improving sports skills

The above is the short list. Whatever goal in your mind, your body will move toward achieving through self-hypnosis. Your mind holds no boundaries.
For the price of a couple of tanks of gas or one session with a qualified hypnotherapist, you can learn how to uncover and defeat many or all of the problems in your life.

Is the Perkins Self-hypnosis Training Program as good as if I have private sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist?

It can be better than sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist. The main reason is, a hypnotherapist will usually work with just one problem or goal at a time. Even if you solve your problem with one session with a hypnotherapist, you have other problems that can be helped through hypnosis. Do you pay for many hypnotherapy sessions over your life time or do you learn self-hypnosis and pay one time to achieve all of your dreams in life?

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Free Hypnosis Free Teleseminar Coming Up Soon!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Veterans Day, Armistice Day and Remembrance Day

On the 11th hour of the 11th Month of 1918, the Armistice was signed to end the War to End All Wars.

Since that time many people have died or have had their lives ruined by war.

Let us always remember those who have died or suffered through war and let use end all wars now!

Whether we call November 11, Veterans Day, Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, let us begin a new era of peace to all men and women.


Wayne F. Perkins

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New One on One Hypnotist Training Over the Phone

How about One on One Hypnotist Training Over the Phone?

Do you want to become a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist?

Do you want to learn from the comfort of your home?

Many people have approached me over the years asking is there another way to experience my training other than the audio mp3/CDs and my one-on-one live workshops. Over 65% of the people I train live outside the United States.

Many cannot afford to take the time and effort to travel the United States for one-on-one help.

I have since begun a new hypnotist formal training program of tutoring/coaching over the telephone. You can read about it and my traditional offerings at:

Usually for training either as a stage hypnotist or clinical hypnotherapist, it would take no longer than about four months to train you even if you have no previous exposure to hypnosis. It is possible to learn either stage hypnotist or clinical hypnotherapy in less time than that depending on your interests and desires. If you have already studied my audio courses, it would take you much less time than three months.

(Of course you always have the option to take my intensive two day workshop here in the United States)

Here is a link to the two day workshop:

The formal training runs on a monthly basis. You call me once per week for four consecutive weeks each month. Each consulting call runs between 30 minutes and an hour and I give you exercises you can perform on your friends, family and clients. The telephone number you call will also record the session so you can listen to mp3 recordings each week to reinforce and intensify the learning.

There are no contracts and no there is no hurry to finish the course as there would be in my two day workshops.

The fee for the monthly tutoring/coaching is $1500.00.

You only pay for only one month at a time. You may spend anywhere from 1 to 4 months training in this fashion if you are going after a rewarding career as a stage hypnotist or as a clinical hypnotherapist. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the program. If you want to become both a stage hypnotist and a clinical hypnotherapist, the total process will take about 6 months or less!

If you are ready to begin your formal training of hypnosis give me a call. If you are looking to become a clinical hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist, please email me back or give me a call today at:


I look forward to your success!


Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Free Teleseminar Featuring the Law of Attraction

Free Teleseminar Featuring the Law of Attraction

Due to popular request, you can now attend a Free Teleseminar featuring the law of attraction.

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