Sunday, December 02, 2012

Reduce Stress for the Holidays

How to Reduce Stress for the Holidays

 Yes, the holiday stress is upon us. Here is one way you can control stress at the holidays making them more enjoyable to all.

 One of the best ways to eliminate stress for the holidays, is to exercise.

When you experience stress, over 1400 chemicals are dumped into your bloodstream. One of those chemicals is adrenaline. If you have no outlet for this additional adrenaline production and the other 1400 or so chemicals, stress begins to wear down the body, immediately.

The best way to take advantage of the situation and put all of those chemicals to good use is to exercise. Make sure you clear any exercise programs with your medical doctor but plan on getting exercise when you  get up in the morning and when you get home from work or school in the evening and any time in between.

Two 20 minute workouts each day, seven days a week will not only get you into the kind of shape you want to be in over the New Years, but more importantly, reduce all stress in your life.


Stress releases over 1400 nasty chemicals into your bloodstream. In order to put those chemicals to work in a positive way, you need to exercise for two 20 minute periods, each day.

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