Friday, March 30, 2007

Join My Stress Annihilation Podcast

This Monday, April 2, 2007 I am beginning my first Podcast titled, "Monday Morning Stress Annihilation Podcast.

You can listen right now to the April 2 Podcast by clicking here. You can also sign up for future podcasts to download at the same Webpage. Just look at the right hand margin when you click on the link. Click here now!

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.--Wayne F. Perkins

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How Do I Use Hypnosis Convincers Over the Telephone

How Do I Use Hypnosis Convincers Over the Telephone

Question from Ian from Ontario, Canada

1) How do you deal with the person having to hold the phone to their ear and still relax completely?

Answer: A person can be extremely active and extremely hypnotize at the same time. If a person relaxes all of their muscles while being hypnotized, how can they possible sit in a chair? Their muscles in their legs and buttocks would turn to jello and they would slide on the floor. Many times on stage I see this happen to the amusement of the audience, however in hypnotherapy I have never had this happen.

However when I make my initial call I ask the person if he/she is on a handset or do they have ear buds or a headset. Many people, especially with cell phones have some kind of ear bud or headset.

If they are using a headset or ear buds that’s great if not I tell them to sit comfortably in a chair and get your arm holding the handset, in a comfortable position because you will be in that position for several minutes. I suggest at that time (pre-hypnosis) that the headset will feel light and manageable and you will be comfortable during the entire session.

Here is another question from Ian from Ontario, Canada

2) Since you cannot see the client, what convincers do you use, and how do you know if they were successful?

Answer: I tell my clients that during the time they are hypnotized they will be able to talk to me when I ask questions. This way when I use convincers I can ask my client can they open their eyes if I am conducting a test of their eyelids, or can they get their hands apart if I am using a hands clasping test?

If not, then I can say, “I am removing the hypnotic influence now."

I am not big on testing anyway, as I know that if the person rejects one simple test, he/she will reject the hypnotherapy all together, thus wasting my time and their time.

A Simple Phone Hypnosis Exercise...(test

One thing I do is an exercise to show that person how his mind is controlling his body. I will have him take the hand he is not using to hold the phone and have him stare at his hand as I give him suggestions. I suggest that soon the blood will start flowing to that hand and cause a slight twitch in a finger or fingers and that the veins will become more pronounced on his hands...etc.

Once he understands that he is creating changes in his body by using his mind, then I proceed with the induction.

If you listen to my hypnosis training you will see that I am huge on finding out what is holding this person back from success and identifying the four fears and overcoming those before I induce hypnosis. This is crucial to get permanent change and to avoid "symptom substitution."

In the old days, hypnotists would give their clients a free first session and use an eye sticking test...a heavy arm...iron bar arm, test and a hand levitating and touching the face test. If their client could not achieve success in any single test, the hypnotist would say, "Its impossible for you to be hypnotized," and send the person home. Sometimes they would add, "your mind is too strong to be hypnotized." You can not imagine how harmfull those words become for future hypnotists and/or psychologists working with these clients.

In the beginning of my career, many of my hypnotherapy clients came from hypnotists that operated that way.

Hypnosis is a state of mind and a state of concentration not a condition of eyes, arms and hands. It is the results of the therapy that counts regardless of the ceremony you create for clients.

I have had great success with people who never respond to stage hypnosis and have had terrible results with people who have been the best volunteers and experienced the deepest levels of hypnosis on stage. The key to success is finding out their deep seated and sometimes not so deep seated fears and overcoming them before a hypnosis induction is presented.

The real convincer for me and for them is the effect caused by the staying on a diet/exercise program, cutting down or stopping smoking, overcoming the fear of public speaking...etc. The hypnotist and the client must be working toward the same goal.

I NEVER work with individuals who say, "I just want to know what it feels like to be hypnotized." They can attend a stage hypnotist's performance and volunteer to "feel hypnotized."

My mission is to help them overcome a lifelong problem or overcome their fears...forever.

This can happen with or without hypnosis convincers.

Good luck,

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer

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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Phone Hypnotherapy: The Best Way to Build Your Practice

Phone Hypnotherapy: The Best Way to Build Your Practice

Do you want to grow your business every week and every month?

Learn to hypnotize your clients over the telephone.

We live in a very mobile world today.

When I was a child, my parents lived in the same neighborhood that their parents and their parents, parents, lived.

Even though this was in the city of Chicago, Illinois, the same thing was happening in the downstate areas of Illinois. People never seemed to leave.

But now my parents live in Florida and my sisters all live in different states. One in Minnesota, on in New Mexico, one in Maryland, and I live in Arizona.

This seems to be more of a trend now as jobs, careers, and families are much more mobile than in the past.

In building a hypnotherapy practice, the first thing you find out is that it is difficult to get paying clients. People are so used to paying a $10.00 co pay when they go to a doctor that they cannot fathom paying $150.00 or $200.00 a session to over come a life long problem using hypnotherapy.

This is why building your practice with referrals is absolutely the best way to overcome price objections because your new clients will already know how much you charge.

Referrals will help your practice because your new clients will already know one of your successful clients. If they are related to your client they will identify with the causes of negative behavior that your client overcomes with the help of a hypnotherapist.

But since your referrals may live in other states like my parents and my sisters, it becomes cost prohibitive for you to fly to their location and cost prohibitive for them to fly to yours.

In my career as a hypnotherapist, I have flown to client locations and clients have flown to my location but I found a better solution with the use of phone hypnotherapy.

Advantages of Using Telephone Hypnotherapy

The following are advantages of telephone hypnotherapy.

1. Saving money on rent.

When you hypnotize over the phone, you can either maintain a smaller office or perhaps use no office at all.

You do not need a fixed location for an office. Realtors in the U.S. always say…location, location, location. Regardless of where you locate your office, sooner or later road construction, re-zoning of the neighborhood, or time, will force you to move elsewhere. There is no best location in a city for hypnotherapy. However, locating your office over the telephone means that you can not only work on clients in your city, but also in your state, region or country.

2. You have a much larger potential client base then your direct competitors.

I have personally hypnotized people in several states as well as in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

3. You can acquire referrals from all of your clients. If your family and friends are spread all over your state, region, or country, you can hypnotize them and make them your clients very easily.

4. You save money on expensive furnishings. Many hypnotherapists use expensive furniture for their offices to project the image of success. If you are hypnotizing over the telephone, you can be living in a Volkswagen Microbus, talking on a prepaid cell phone. You do not have to spend lots of money to emulate success.

5. You can easily ask for referrals from local clients because you do not have to worry about what city, state, region, or country the referrals are located. You can build your practice much quicker and cheaper than relying on expensive print advertising to drive clients to your building.

6. You can leverage your Website better because you are scheduling sessions on a worldwide basis.

7. You can increase your business cash flow because you receive payment prior to the session. You will not have the uncomfortable time after the session where you have to ask for your fee.

8. It is easier to schedule multiple sessions because you do not have to worry about traffic problems associated with road construction, sporting events, concerts, parades, etc.

9. Your client is not distracted by the unfamiliar look and feel of your office or of you, personally. Your client has a better chance of experiencing a deeper and more profound experience of hypnosis as he is listening to a live, yet disembodied voice.

10. You are able to the natural elements of a phone call, which is concentration on a single voice to the exclusion of other noises in the surrounding area, to create a deep and beneficial hypnosis experience.


Think about adding phone hypnotherapy to your practice. You will find you will save money on your service delivery, and you can work ask and work with the best clients you can acquire in hypnotherapy, your direct referrals!

Wayne F. Perkins

Master Hypnotist

P.S. Soon I will be creating a program to teach you the steps of hypnotherapy over the telephone. Let me know when you have any questions.
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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

As A Woman Can I Be A Professional Hypnotist?

"As a woman, can I be a professional hypnotist?" from Ilene from Scranton, PA,

Yes, women can become hypnotists. In fact about 90% of current hypnotherapy classes include women. There are many more female hypnotists then men. Women make great hypnotherapists because they tend to be patient and they tend to be great listeners. Hypnotherapy involves a talent for nurturing that most women seem to use naturally. A hypnotherapist needs to be a great listener because she is listening for cues in her client’s language and behavior, in order to structure the correct hypnotic treatment prescription.

There aren’t very many female stage hypnotists at this point in history. There are just a few female stage hypnotists today; however all seem to be doing well. The earliest female stage hypnotist I am aware of performed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her father was a professional hypnotist as well. Wendy Friesen is an excellent stage hypnotist as well as a superb clinical hypnotherapist. You can find her audio and video instruction located here.

I have trained several hypnotists but only a few specialized in stage hypnotism. We need more female stage hypnotists. Click here if you are looking for live one-on-one training and professional coaching to become a professional stage hypnotist.


Women make great hypnotherapists. There are a few female stage hypnotists. There is room for many more in this profession.

Wayne F. Perkins

Master Hypnotist Trainer

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“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”—Wayne F. Perkins

Hypnotism Education

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stage Hypnotist Tip #14: Using Note Cards to Build Your Routines

Stage Hypnotist Tip #14
Using Note Index Cards to Build Your Routines

In 1964 I was a Junior in High School. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Dave Clark Five had invaded the music scene.

I quickly learned three chords on a guitar and within a few months, formed a rock n roll band called the X Men.

I became the lead singer and the afternoon before our first gig at the American Legion Hall in the Holy City of Algonquin, Illinois, my Mother said the following:

Wayne, would you like me to type out the words to the songs you are singing on 3 by 5 note cards.

I thought this was a heck of an idea, so I said “yes.”

When our band began our first song, “Money,” by the Beatles, my mind went blank just at the exact time I was to sing my first note! I quickly looked at my note card and tried to read the words my Mother so carefully type out on her typewriter. I could not read or understand them as they did not translate before my nervous mind and body.

Well, the band played on and before long I was able to jump into the song and sing it from memory and not the 3 X 5 cards.

In 1976 when I began my career as a professional stage hypnotist, I remembered my Mother’s suggestion, and I wrote down each routine I scheduled for my first show with a large number beside the text so I would know what order to present the routines.

I always kept those note cards secured by a rubber band in my prop bag with me on stage.

After a few shows I got a wonderful idea.

In order to make my show more personal with the audience, I decided to pass out blank note cards to audience members prior to the show.

I said, “This is your show and your entertainment. “Any one who would like to describe what you want me to suggest to the volunteers on stage, just write down in 10 words or less, what you want me to tell them.” “As the show goes on I will be using your cards to create more fun on stage.”

There are at least three advantages to passing out the note cards.

1. It makes the show more personal and interactive with the audience.
2. It acts as a place for me to rest during the show when I might have forgotten the words or routines I was going to say at this point in the show.

3. It adds new routines for my show.

If you are looking to create more fun for your audience and you volunteers on stage along with keeping relaxed and in control of your show…then you may want to ask your audience for funny requests.

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“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”

Hypnotism Education Website

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thoughts about My One-on-One HypnotistMentoring/Training

Thoughts about My One-on One Hypnotist Mentoring/Training

On Friday and Saturday of last week I conducted my one-on-one, Stage Hypnotist Training.

It went well and my student is excited yet worried about performing his first gig.

He will be calling me on the phone as soon as he has the script memorized as well as the sequence of events or routines he is going to use on stage.

The sequencing of events and the nuances, he uses to keep people hypnotized throughout the one-hour entertainment is very important in insuring the success of a stage hypnotism show.

It is amazing to me that that after centuries of stage hypnotist shows in the US, there are still only a handful of professional stage hypnotists.

There were more stage hypnotists around when I was starting out back in 1977 both in percentage of population and in real numbers.

You have to be brave and determined in order to take the leap into the business. You need to have marketing skills as well as a desire to entertain.

You do not need to have any psychic powers or magical skills.

After all, in a hypnosis show, people come to see their friends on stage doing strange things. They are not that interested in seeing a hypnotist.

Results are more important than credentials.

That’s kind of funny in that in American business, results are everything as well.

Wayne F. Perkins

Master Hypnotist Trainer

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"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Hypnotist's Radio Appearance on WILO 1570AM The Morning Show Party Line

A Hypnotist’s Radio Appearance on WILO 1570 AM The Morning Show Party Line

Yesterday, March 5, 2007, Wayne Perkins, Master Hypnotist Appeared via telephone on the Morning Show Party Line, shown from 8:30 to 9:30 AM in Frankfurt, Indiana.

Wayne responded to questions regarding hypnosis and how it was not scary in any way. He also told the radio audience about the history of hypnosis and our Benjamin Franklin figured out what hypnosis really was when witnessing mass hypnosis induced by Franz Anton Mesmer, over in Paris, France in the late 1700’s.

The highlight of Wayne’s radio interview was when he hypnotized a volunteer in Frankfurt, over the telephone! Wayne teaches how to hypnotize over the telephone to his one-on-one Master Hypnotist students.

“I look forward to being on the show again, said Wayne,” as they were wrapping up the show.

Wayne F. Perkins
Master Hypnotist Trainer
And Stress Expert

“My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life.”

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Stress Program

New Stress Program

Many of you are experiencing stress in your lives.

How do you get rid of it so you can really enjoy life?

In the next few days I will be posting articles and chunks of my new Stress Annihilation Program.

This is the same program I use for corporate sales and customer service organizations.

Even if you are not a sales or customer service representative or an executive responsible for these organizations, you will find information that will help reduce or eliminate stress in your life.

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."--Wayne F. Perkins

Stress Expert and Master Hypnotist Trainer
P.S. If you work at a company who needs a speaker/consultant to help you and your fellow employees eliminate stress so you can perform much better, please send me contact information on who I should talk to in regards to booking a meeting with your group.
You can email me at:
or call me at: 602-647-4280.
Feel free to call me 24/7
I look forward in helping your company achieve it's goals and helping you reduce stress at the same time.

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